Defined by a Shade - Christina Santana


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Aysha Siddiquee (Student 2019)
Aysha Siddiquee

The big understanding that I get from reading this narrative is how people can categorize people into a race no matter it be a student or a teacher. This comes from the influence of stereotypes. This relates to systems by how we single out people and their race based off of their features and what we "think" they are. I really liked how this writing takes a different approach and addresses how not only students or teens take this common route but adults themselves are guilty of going off of stereotypes. That teachers in position of power also have certain fixed mindsets. You provide perspectives from both views a student vs. a teacher.

Carolina Ortiz-Lugo (Student 2019)
Carolina Ortiz-Lugo

I really enjoyed reading your essay and I think that your writing style in this was really good. I also think that you conveyed your emotions really well and were able to clearly show how people try to put you into a racial category that your don't belong in since it has become a thing that constantly happens to people in our society. A part that really stood out to me was when you said that saying, "Soy puertorriqueña" was like music to your ears since I can really relate because it's really true that there's a sense of pride when one says their nationality to people.

Amaris Ortiz (Student 2019)
Amaris Ortiz

The big understanding I get from this story is how often and quick people are to assume the race of others. You did a great job on summarizing everything in the end and clearly showing the aspect of systems. Your last line really stuck with me because of the truth to it "The difference is how we let it affect us." People can let these situations constantly get to them and they reply with anger or you can use this situation to your advantage and show them their opinion doesn't matter to you by not being affected by it.