Democracy, why is it important? Who wants it? Who has it? #2

    In further research, I discovered that some countries are divided and have different opinions on democracy. For example, Arabs and Muslims have a very different view on democracy. Most Arabs take to the idea of "democracy" and wouldn't mind having a bit more freedom. On the other hand, Muslims disagree. The religion of Islam is an authoritative religion, so as a result, having control over one's own decisions is a bit "iffy". I also learned that Democracy is proliferating and as time goes by.

    I am beginning to move into the Asian population and what I have noticed is that some nations are democratic-ish or just all communistic or socialistic. In North Korea, Kim Jong il is the dictator/ruler. I have heard stories about how punishments are given to people who do not comply with his way. In my research, these stories held to be true. In South Korea, they have more of a democratic society, they have a president who had to be voted in. The difference between these two naions is staggering, they differ and dissagree with theyre governmental issues.In North Korea if one doesn't bow when they see a picture of Kim Jong il they get arrested. Someone should not be arrested for not "bowing". That's demeaning, In America people don't have to bow. This is another reason why I'm studying this topic because  it brings me anger. It may sound weird but I like the challenge it brings my emotions.