Depression and Suicide Final Blog

For the last two blogs I have informed you of the facts of teen suicide and depression. There are many things that can lead to depression and then suicide. Some teens commit suicide due to religion. Bobby Griffith was one of those people. Bobby had discovered that he was gay and feared what would happen to him. He grew up learning that if you were homosexual that you would not be worthy of Gods love. He also often overheard his mother saying how much she disliked homosexuals. Feeling as though God and his mother would have turned there backs on him and would not love him, he hated himself, he then took his own life by jumping off a bridge. This made his mother devastated. It was only after his death that she realize her view on gay people was wrong, but it was too late for bobby. This all shows that suicide can also be caused by pressure of religion, and pressure of being good enough for your parents. Bobby thought that he could never be good enough for his parents, he took his life.

Jill was a girl who had tried to kill herself three times. She was also easily aggravated and had low self esteem. She had went to therapy to get some help. This is one of the conversations they had, "I want to commit suicide because..." Jill responded, "I want to commit suicide because I feel trapped. I can't be myself. I have to take care of my mother." Then I continued, "Jill if you could be free to live your own life, would you want to live? "Yes," she replied." This shows that when a teenage feels trapped, they will try to release them self. This is the sad reality of life. We teenagers wish to go out and do what they want and be able to live free, but not all of us can.

"The sharp knife winked at me in the dark closet and whispered softly in my ear, "Come play with me. There is nothing called failure here. You will surely win. Just strike me deep down your nerves and I will set you free from this painful world." It almost hypnotized me. I could see nothing but the sharp edge. I closed my eyes, with a warm breath and a smile I accepted the challenge that leaded only to victory." Victory, that's what some teenagers think it is when they have no option left. The way out of there pain. But that is not true. By doing that you plunge yourself into darkness an will be more alone than ever. And they never think about the ones they left behind, the ones they beat, the ones that last a friend and family member. They lost something permanently because of a bet they never made. They lost someone close to them, and will forever grieve. Believing it was their fault. Thinking they were the reason you were depressed, the reason you took your life. When you kill yourself you lose your your life, they all lose a friend. I believe its not worth it. So should you. No matter how alone you feel, someone will always miss you.

The leading cause of death for people 15-24 is suicide. Don't be a statistic. Don't be the one that abuses substances and become depressed. There is always someone there for you. If it isn't your parents maybe it is a friend. For some people, it was there friend that came at the right time to hang out that stopped them from contemplating suicide and helped then realize life was worth living for. And there is always a reason to live. it is just a matter of finding it. Life is such a beautiful thing and should not be shortened. You never know what the future holds so keep a firm grip on life. We are all born for a reason. Find that reason.

Peace out,
Nick M.