Descriptive Essay: Loving Life

Many people in this world have a problem, they don’t take heed in their lives or their youth while they have it. They waste their young years and then complain when their gone. Me, I like to take full advantage of the life I have while I have it. How do you do that? By doing anything you are capable of doing that you enjoy. One thing I love to do is play basketball. Basketball has been one of the things I can always rely on when I need something to do, whether its workout, have fun, let off some anger, or spend time with my friends. My most memorable basketball moment was the one day in a neighborhood league I was playing in a game there was 15 seconds on the clock. Down by one and we had possession, timeout was called. My excitement was through the roof I felt like my heart was going to jump out my chest. Before I knew timeout was over, time to get back in the game. The crowd was screaming but I could barely hear them through all the telepathic tension between our two teams. Everyone got into position and the ball was checked in. The second the ball was in play the entire crowd of screaming friends and loved ones went silent. Every second seemed an eternity as the clock winded down. It was like staring at a clock eagerly waiting for that clock hand to make its way around. The time was ticking as we passed the ball around, patiently waiting for an opening. Suddenly, a man was open for a jumpshot. With five seconds to go as soon as he got the ball I rushed to get the possible rebound. The shot went up but it was short. Without thinking I rushed to the ball, caught it, and put it up. As soon as I released the ball the buzzer went off. I looked up to see the ball spinning around the rim. Tensioned built in everyone as the ball rolled around the rim like a top struggling to stay up right. Suddenly, the ball balanced on the side end of the rim. I closed my eyes and said please don’t fall out. Then I heard everyone in the gym yell. Open my eyes to see my whole team running at me. I was overwhelmed with joy, I had made my first buzzer beater for a win.

That was one of the greatest moments of my life so far. Another way to enjoy life is not only doing things you love but things you like to do. One of my favorite pass times is going to the beach and playing in big breakers. This as a matter of fact I was on vacation and a storm had just hit. So I figured, big storm equals big waves. So I decided to go see how what the waves looked. I took my bike and started the mile ride to the beach. The air had a humid density to it and the sky looked like an old time cartoon. I rode at a relaxed pace. A strom has the potential to kick big waves into gear, but I wasn’t sure. Minutes later I pulled up at the beach. The sand was still drenched from the recent rain fall. I walked up to the beach and gasped at the sight of huge breakers. The entire shore was covered in white. It was if the ocean was pocessed. I darted toward my bike to tell my family of what I saw. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as I raced back to the house. When I got back to the house you’d would’ve thought the military had burst through the door. “ I’m going to the beach, the waves down there are huge” I said. No one really cared at the moment because it was only 10:30 and nobody was really much of a morning person, so I put my swim trunks on and left myself. As soon as my feet hit the sand I made a straight B line for the water. When hit the water I was met by a wave that immedietly knocked me to knees. It was then that I realized it was gonna be a good day. After about an hour of being thown around like a rag doll at the mercy of a tottler my brother and cousins showed up. I would’ve been just as happy by myself, but it was good to have company and them be attackesd by mother nature. We stayed for several hours and then went home. Exhausted, I layed right on the couch and took a nap.

Those are two examples on how I like to enjoy life. I’m not saying people should do what I do, but don’t be afraid to do what’s fun to you or what interest you.