Descriptive Essay: The Moments

I was sitting quietly on my couch watching the Phillies against the New York Yankees in the World Series 2009. The Yankees just needed one more game to win. The Yankees were up a run, three to two. My eyes slowly closing, I kept blinking to keep myself awake. I lost hope in the Phillies, knowing that it was over for them. My living room was full of silence. I remember it like it was last year, but the Phillies were two games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays, three to one. It was the fifth game.
        This is how I remembered it. I hear my brother’s excited voice, “Yo Kenny! Come watch the last inning of the Phillies! They’re about to win!” I heard him running up the wooden stairs, each step making a sound like a wooden knock. I came upstairs and saw my dad and my brother staring at the TV screen like they were hypnotized. My brother was wearing a Phillies hat and my dad was wearing a bright red Phillies shirt. The game was over and the Phillies won the World Series. My dad’s eyes opened up. He stretched his arms all the way up and yelled, “Phillies won!” and then my brother yelled out “Aw yeah!”

Now I’m just sitting here watching all by myself. My dad gave up on watching and went to his laptop. My brother went to play on his computer. The Phillies lost to the New York Yankees. There’s no “woo’s” just a normal regular day. There are no special events happening on these regular days. My parents come home from work, they eat then they sleep. It’s mostly just my brother and I hanging out at home most of the time. I play video games with my brother or we usually just go outside and ride bikes around the block.

Whenever I’m with my family in these small moments, I feel happy. It gives me company when I’m at home. It is a small moment with my family, but all the time with my family together counts. Family is your friend, but they’re always with you and ready to help. They always listen to what you have to say and try to help you with your everyday troubles. These small moments make me remember the even bigger and greater moments I had with my family, like one time we had our whole family reunion.

I was getting ready for a really special occasion happening today. It is the day where my family has a reunion. My family dressed up in tuxedos and dresses for this occasion. I suited up in my black tuxedo; black dressed shoes and gelled my hair. I was ready. We are going to a nice, huge restaurant to have our whole family picture taken and eat lunch together.

        I arrived at the restaurant. “Hey! Kenny’s here everyone!” I hear my little cousins calling my name and it was just awesome to see them having fun. I went to go see my older cousins. We talked and took pictures because we were dressed so nicely. I see tables everywhere with plates and cups; ready to eat. I see my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents smiling with happiness. Everyone was full of red smiles. My little cousins were running around and having a good time. All I hear is my family talking and laughing. The room was filled with happiness and sounds of laughter. It was like we haven’t seen each other in a long time and is excited to see each other.
        It’s time for the photo. The photographer set us up on a stage and placed us according to our age and family member. Male cousins were together on the right side, female on the left side, my grandparents were at the top middle while their sons and daughters were around them from the left and right side. My little cousins that were under 13 were at the bottom of the middle. We all got ready. “Three, two, one! Smile!”  
        “It’s time to get ready and eat! Come sit down.” my grandpa said. Everyone came to the tables and sat down. The kids were with the kids and the adults were with the adults. Fried rice with egg, pork, onions, and shrimp, sautéed lobsters with green onions, sweet glazed, crispy shrimp, and seafood soup were all over everyone’s table. I was ready for this food! It looked so good. As I got ready to devour the food, I heard a ringing sound of glass. I saw my grandpa holding up his glass cup and gently tapping the cup with his spoon. At that moment I knew he was getting ready for a speech. My grandpa was talking about how wonderful it was to have us all here and healthy. He said that we might never get another time like this. When he said that, I thought of our every other week Sunday parties. I told myself “We still have our Sunday parties. We’re still going to see each other.

At the time of the family reunion, it was just another fun day with my family. My family usually has Sunday parties. I thought it was just another Sunday party during the reunion. I didn’t really think of the moment. I just lived it and had fun. As the day went through and the day ended, I started to think how special that reunion was. This was one of my favorite moments with my family. We never ate together at a restaurant with my whole family before. It was really special because all of our family members came from Vietnam, so my grandparents decided it was time to get a family photo and eat together as whole family.

The moments of the Phillies and the family reunion made me think. It made me think that I might never have a moment like this in my life again. When we grow up, we leave our family and work everyday like adults. We don’t get to see much of our family after that. I try to cherish all the time I can spend with my family.