Descriptive Essay: The World.

Danielle Little
September 14, 2011
Descriptive Essay

    “ Why act like the world when you can be apart of the world?” this is all I heard growing up. I would try copy the make up that Tyra Banks had on while walking down the catwalk in the largest fashion show I have ever seen. Other times, it would take me at least 30 minutes to put my hair into a style that was on a commercial for caucasian women. Watching my aunt (who is only a few years older) put on make-up, high heels, straightening her hair silky straight, and even wearing hoop earrings, made me want to rush past life and slow down once I reach 18.
    I always wanted to know what it feels like to be apart of the world. To live a life that I only saw in movies and have everything without struggles. I yearned for all the new trends and styles and a world where I can fit into every crowd. I wanted a perfect life, where everything was served to me on a sliver platter.
    When I think about my middle school life, I realized that not only was it middle school, but it was the huge mile stone for me. I remember looking down the rows of desk admiring everyones shoes, picturing myself with 22 different pairs of shoes. Everyone else was different from me, a different skin color, hair and backgrounds. However, I always thought I was the same as everyone else. This was soon contradicted when I started to use their hair products and my hair started falling out. I found out the hard way that I was different.
    I joined a modeling agency at the age of 5. Modeling taught me both good and bad lessons but the main thing I learned was to always be yourself. I realized that you have to listen to your heart and not other people. Modeling shows you what the world wants and how to not get caught up in the next trend. For an example, America’s Next Top Model is a reality show for everyday people to fulfill their dream of becoming a model. These models work side by side with Tyra Banks. However the stress of being apart of the world for a brief moment in your life changes you in a way where you would do anything just to be apart of the world.
  “When do you go back home?” I asked
“Danielle, I’m just taking a little bit of your perfume, calm down. I’m staying for another 2 weeks.” Iyona said as she sprayed the perfume.
My best friend from California came to visit me in Philadelphia. It was only her first morning here, and I was sick of her using my things. That’s just part of a best friend relationship, almost like sisters.
“Come onn! Were going to be late! You’ve been in here before anyone got up. That like ehh 2hrs.” I yelled.
“Looks are priceless, shawty.” As she said this she turned her head to wink.
This is how every teenage girl takes each morning. With Iyona, well she thinks she walking the cat walk every 22 seconds. I always feel bad when I have to break the news to  her. “Iyona....” I say.
“Yes danni boo” she say even sweeter
“Your not on America’s Next Top Model....” I stated
“Oh everywhere I go theres a camera to record me on the cat walk!” She says breaking the silent.
What have I gotten myself into by telling her that. I was thinking to myself that I just made the biggest mistakes I could have made. Iyona has officially taken over the conversation.
“The cat walk is a place for me to express myself” she went on.
“The way I walk express my mood” she boosted.

    To be apart of the world is very easy to get caught into all the drama from the world around us. Just as easy as everyone wearing the same things in different colors. Performing certain tasks to be apart of certain group just to “fit in”.  Not being apart of the world to me means to be yourself. To not follow anyone and allow yourself to think for yourself. You should not have someone think for you and make your decisions.
Certain years in our lives there special stages we go though, such as making friends, finding best friends and realizing who will always be a friend.  However, being yourself and not following the world is the biggest milestone of all.