Descriptive Essay: Toms. One for one.

  Drue Boccuti

I love giving back, and giving help to ones in need. I try to do as much as I am able to. I love knowing that what I just did helped out someone, or even just made them smile.  I don’t do really gigantic things like help build houses or anything major like that, but I do as much as I can. For example, my mom’s friend teaches in a school were the kids aren’t as fortunate as I am, so I donate what ever I can to help them and make them smile. Sometimes I don’t always see it his or her reaction but I know someone somewhere is appreciating what I did. Just that feeling is enough.

The last time that I helped someone was sometime near my birthday. What did I do? I bought a pair of Toms shoes. You’re probably wondering what’s so special about that. Well, when purchasing Toms shoes you help a child in need get a pair. I was ecstatic to get the Tom that I’ve been wanting since last January! I remember opening the box like it was yesterday. The first thing I noticed in the box was a bag that serves as a bag or you can hang it up as a flag. Then a small sticker that has the Toms logo and then I finally grabbed the shoes. I slipped them right on my feet, and ran right to my mirror to see how great they looked. Once I stopped looking at my feet, I went out. I didn’t take them off the whole night even when I got home!

The last time that I’ve been this excited for a new pair of shoes had to be Christmas! I had gotten two new pair’s of Uggs that I wore everyday of the winter last year. I love Christmas, spending time with my family and friends. One person that I really love spending time with would have to be my dad. He’s such a caring person who is nice to everyone and he always makes me and everyone else laugh. I think me wanting and liking to help people out comes from both my parents, but more him. My dad is the type of guy who will help an old lady carry grocery bags, or cross the street, help a little kid get a cat out of a tree. Just all around good things to help anyone. I remember this one time he even shocked me.

“Bye thank you for having us” I said hugging my grand parents while dragging my feet out of their house.

“Thank you for coming!” My grandma said to me as she shut the door behind my mom walking out of her house.

“Where did we park at dad?” I asked looking around for our baby blue mini van, like a child looking for a parent in a supermarket.

“Were right on that corner. You look very tired.’’ He said with a smile on his face.

“I am! All I want to do is get to my bed!” I said.

            On the ride home which felt like it was taking much longer then it normally did, I kept my eyes closes and occasionally looked up. Then all of sudden our car had pulled over. I was so excited because I thought we were home. We weren’t, we were only on Broad and Synder.

            “Oh my gosh. What’s going on over there?!” My mom was shouting and she sounded extremely worried.

            “I jumped up and suddenly didn’t feel tired anymore. My dad had remained calm and pulled the car over and jumped out and ran across the street. That was when I laid eyes on the old man.

            “Oh my gosh!!! What happened?” I was freaking out.

My dad went over to the corner grabbed the old man from under his shoulder and him and 2 other older man began to lift this man off the ground. At first they were struggling but then they finally lifted him off the ground. I thought my dad was going to let him go, but my dad had helped this man all the way back to the senior center.

After seeing that, I believe that made me gain more respect for my dad. No one else that I know would ever do that, yeah they might stop and look but no one else would actually get out and help. I do kind of feel bad because the biggest thing that I had done to help someone out is donate a pair of shoes.

Tuesday September 7th  2011, that was the first day of school as a sophomore for me. I was extremely nervous because it was a new school year, and I have all new teachers. I was more upset then nervous because I didn’t want summer to be over, so I tried to think of something that would make me excited to go back to school and leave the shore. All I could think of was seeing my friends. I didn’t really keep in touch with anyone over the summer except for Lexy, Karly and Goldie. I was excited to see them and everyone else. The first day of school was the prefect time for me to show off my new shoes! I was really excited to wear them to school so I made my outfit match them and everything!

“You’re wearing your toms!” Goldie said all excited.

“Yes! I love them! They’re so comfy and adorable!” I said just as excited. Every time I wear them I think of the time I unwrapped them for my birthday.

Every time I wear my Toms which is almost all the time, or see my flag hanging in my room, I am reminded that I helped out a child who isn’t as lucky to have what I have. Sometimes when I see my moms friend I think about all the things that I gave away so some kids to have a better Christmas and that always makes me feel good.