Descriptive Essay

Loren Jenkins
English- Mr.Block
Scene 2

My dad is the chief in the house he is the one that usually cooks dinner. I always like to help my dad cook, but I never want to clean up after the mess that comes with cooking. My dad pet’s peeve is me helping cooking, but never wanting to cook. There is little time when I see him cooking and I may come in the kitchen to ask, “ Dad need some help? Can I help cook or anything?.” He replies : “ Are you going to help clean up the mess, and wash every single dish we have?” I looked at like he was crazy and said “NO! Well in les you help me clean them up too!”. “ Why do I have to clean up too?”, he asked me. “Because your cooking too so it’s only right to hello clean up to, right?”, I said. So finally he gave in and I help cook by cutting the vegetables up, and seasoning the shrimp. It smelled so good to the point where I need to cook them so that I can enjoy the smell of the fresh grilled shrimp and the steamed veggies. I was so happy that he finally let me cook. The funny thing is, I didn’t even have to clean none of the mess or clean the dishes. As the three of us enjoy full dish of seafood and veggies, and nice cool glass of a drink. It was relaxing, that became full and went to sleep right after eating. My dad cleaned the mess and the dishes up . But as soon as I woke uphe asked me, “Why didn’t you clean the dishes and clean up the mess”. I said ”Cuss I didn’t have to”.