Descriptive Essay Revised

Daniel Varnis                                                                                      October 17, 2011

Lessons Learned Through Past Life Scenarios


To begin, life is all about making decisions. In your future and past you will make good decisions and some not so good decisions. Many people make assumptions the better choice is what will make their life go better than those who make the not so good choices. Well I’m in opposition with that theory. From my perspective I say it is always a good thing to make good choices because it helps you further on in life, but it is sometimes a good thing to make bad choices because you can learn from that encounter. Here is an example of one of my more inferior choices…

“Hello, Wildwood Police Department, how may I help you?” I immediately hung up the phone, ran into a bedroom frantically, locked the door behind me, hid under a bed, and prepared to get arrested.

It all began on a Sunday morning, I was down the seashore with my family and we just finished breakfast. As all of my cousins left the kitchen, my brother waited for me to finish cleaning up the dishes. Once I was done my hands were all shriveled up and looked like raisins. I walked into the living room and saw my cousins sitting on the floor in a circle, bored. “Hey Dan, did you know that if you call 911 you get 15 free tickets to the boardwalk?” Not even thinking I threw my arm forward towards the phone and dialed 911 with my body shaking with excitement. Once I hit the “Call Send” button I watched my cousins run out of the room laughing. The phone stopped ringing and I heard, “Hello Wildwood Police Department, how may I help you?” I quickly hung up the phone, my blood ran cold of fear and I felt like throwing up. I walk away calmly like nothing ever happened. Ten minutes later I hear a knock on the door, I open the door and see two upright standing men in magnificent blue uniforms standing at my door. I ran away crying into a bedroom and locked the door. In this event I was tricked into dialing 911 to get some lousy tickets to a boardwalk. It is pretty obvious that I could have thought before I did anything because it was pretty self explanatory that if you dial 911, you aren’t getting free tickets, your getting shackles.

Basically the lesson that learned from this is to not be so gullible and to think before you speak/act. Because if I took an extra couple of seconds to notice the trick they were pulling, I wouldn’t have had the law at my front step. And now that I learned this lesson it will help me better myself for the future and allow me to do the right things when necessary. To continue, here is another example of a bad decision that I have made in my past…

One beautiful Mid-August day with my friend Evan. We decide to go for a bike ride out to Pennslanding. The route that we decided to take to get there meant going under an highway. Lets just say things went down hill from there. As we mount our bikes we contemplate where we should go. “Pennslanding!” he said. I decided to follow along because it was too hot for me to render a thought while sweat poured off my cherry red cheeks by the gallon. We proceed down the street, my face is already hotter than the sun and I could feel my blood boiling. We make a left turn onto Front Street and speed up. The street felt never ending as we flew down it like Army Fighter Jet. With all of this speed I thought of an amazing idea to finally attempt to go up and down the hill connected to the underpass. Well let me just say this wasn’t my best idea. As I get to my maximum speed, I make it to the ramp, head up about eight feet. I am now determined to turn around and head back down, but sadly my bike didn’t turn around tipped over. I fell and busted my head on the ramp; I slide down the entire ramp under my bike, the whole way down it felt like I was continuously being scratched with knives. Once I reach the bottom I black out. As I wake up I see Evan leaning over me with an expression on his face like he was leaning over a dead body. When I attempt to get back up onto my two feet I fall back to the ground. “I must have broke my legs” I thought to myself. But that’s too dramatic, I thought about how that couldn’t be the case. My legs might be hurting a lot, but for all I know I could have just sprained them. As I examine my body I feel blood running down my cheek slower than a snail.

In this case scenario I made the dumb decision to attempt to go up a giant hill under a highway and roll back down. Unfortunately I didn’t even consider the thought on how dangerous it would be to do that. But I did it anyway, and got severely hurt.

The lesson learned is to never do things that look risky with out having some sort of protection on. If I were to have been wearing some knee-pads or a helmet, I probably wouldn’t have sprained both of my legs or busted my head open. But now I know this key lesson for the future. I will be well prepared for almost anything that comes in my way no matter the extremity.

To close, these two scenes bond in a strange way. In the first scene I made the dumb choice of calling 911 to get free tickets, when I should immediately knew through common sense that 911 is for emergencies only! In scene two, I made the decision to go up a big ramp. The result was I got injured from falling down the big ramp. To finish, the theme and lesson I learned from both of these scenarios is to think before you act/speak. Because as a result I could have prevented my self from getting injured, and from having the law come to my front door.