Desmond O'Donovan, Q2 Art Portfolio

​This quarter I did a lot of nature related drawings. It started with the Fern drawing. I like how it turned out, but hated drawing. I have to draw plants a lot for the backgrounds of my animal portraits, and I find them tedious to draw. Ferns especially, are just a long continuous pattern. The block print was supposed to be nature inspired, so I picked an animal to use for y negative space drawing and print. I decided to choose an animal that could be well represented by negative space. a pure black raven worked well. 

The Golden Ratio Collage was my favorite piece to draw, and I think it is the best one that I did. I've never done one before, but I really grew to like drawing patterns and shapes. It was hard, but fun to create. A lot of these pieces were pretty difficult to execute, but I appreciated the challenge. I also liked experimenting with color for this one, because this was the only drawing that I did in class this quarter that used color.