Digital Revolution Story

​This unit was called, "Revolutions, Revolutions, Revolutions!" We learned about many different types of revolutions from old, The French Revolution, to new, The Arab Spring Revolutions. Through studying these various revolutions, we were able to explore in depth several subtopics. Some of these include: what role social media plays, what are the catalysts of revolutions, and what are the key components of every revolution. It is crucial to study revolutions from past and present, especially with the global turmoil we are are in currently. By learning of revolutions, one can identify when a revolution will occur, or how to help a revolution be more successful. 

Our project assignment was to create a Revolution Digital Story. It is supposed to act as sort of a guide to one specific aspect of revolutions. Something that caught my interest early in this unit was the aftermath of the revolution. As a class we watched most of the Academy Award nominated documentary, The Square. The first half hour focused primarily on the overthrowing of Mubarak. When they were successful, I thought the film was over. Everyone was celebrating and it seemed a joyous ending to a long protest. Then, the film switched focus to the aftermath which was smeared with smoke bombs and a corrupt army. Their revolution was not in the end totally successful because the aftermath caused so much damage. In fact, they had another revolution in the latter months of 2013 because the leader put in power after Mubarak was also unsatisfactory. My focus was heavily on how to have an aftermath that will be beneficial to your country and tie the revolution to a close.