Dinajda Dollani Capstone

My capstone project is an app called QTS, which stands for Quick To Save. This app guides people if they encounter someone in need of CPR. The app asks essential questions and depending on the answers, it’ll play a video showing a step-by-step process of performing CPR on a person. While the video plays, your current location is displayed on the screen as well in order to give 911 a quick and accurate address. If CPR is not needed, the app will say so and remind the user to contact 911, the current location once again provided on the screen. I spend long hours every week researching, coding, and fixing lots of unforeseen issues in order to get a final product that I am proud of. This capstone helped me not only learn how to perform CPR but also taught me about everything that goes on behind the creation and publication of every app we use daily.

QTS Homescreen2.0
QTS Homescreen2.0

Capstone: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vcs-qDMQEu6KN_9shKq1_OAQ8BtNkRGl/view?usp=sharing

Bibliography: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1We4iZUesQ9xKGolOqrR-6Jck1f4UilfeeyGlnDj1Zcs/edit?usp=sharing