Disaster From Mother Nature

This is how the tornado looked like when it was hitting in Alabama.

During the past years many Natural disasters has happen but the world became as one and helped each other out. The latest Natural disasters that has happen was the tornado that had hit Tuscaloosa, Al and the places around. It wen close to the south of Philadelphia but didn't do as much damage as it did in Alabama. There were 312 tornado's that occurred during 24 hours. That is a lot of tornado's for that little time limit. The amount of people killed was around 340 but i can't say the exact number since more people couldn't have been injured and died today so this is just a estimation. One thing i wonder about is how do people prepare for tornado's. Do they hide in a corner or under a table? Well I'll be back later so we can get on the topic about the earthquake that had hit japan.

                                       By Eric Loth