Disculpe! How to be polite and have good manners

In order to get someone's attention or be polite, you must know how to say these things :

Los Buenos Modales                                                                         GoodManners                                                  



Muchas  Gracias

Thanks alot

Mil Gracias

Thanks a million

( Muy) Bein, gracias  

( very) well, thanks

De nada

You’re welcome

No hay de qué

You’re welcome

Por nada

You’re welcome


What did you say

Por favor


Con Permiso ( if someone is in you way)

Excuse me

Disculpe (To get someones attention)

Excuse me

Perdón (acidentially hitting or bumping someone)

Excuse me



Video: This video is about how I am at a all speaking spanish building and I almost lost a lot of money but a person was so polite to inform me.