Mom, what is going on here? Wait none of my business what do you mean?  Why can’t I know anything? Why were you guys fighting the other day? Let me why?? Are you guys separating, are you guys getting divorced? This is affecting my life I have all the right to know what is going on. You know what I don’t care I am going to my room if you need anything mom you could ask someone else in this damn house, I am going to be busy.

So now mom you decide to come and talk to me hours later. If you have anything irrelevant to say I don’t want to hear. Wait what, mom you are lying this can’t be happening I knew it from the beginning. Mom, why are you guys separating. I don’t want this. I am so happy with my life now. I bragged to my friends about how perfect our family is. Now look, look at you guys are ruining. Is this is what you guys are going to do to me? No no, I am not gonna let this happen. Where is my father? Excuse me mother, I am going to go talk to him right now.  

No, dad, I don’t want to hear it “Listen to me, baby girl.” I want answers. I need to know why in detail. What the hell do you mean by the best? That is not an answer. Why do you guys always have to fight? I don’t want this. No, dad, I can’t accept this. This is going to ruin my life. How is it for the better? It’s really not. My ears are open I want the real answer, I’m gonna sit right here and just listen. Now tell me!! How could you ever do this to mom? Why would you ever cheat on her? You disgust me now dad. I can’t believe you hurt my mom. That’s it we are done.

I never imagined that this would happen to me. My family falling apart is just imaginable. Maybe if I look through some old pics it can make me laugh or smile. Aww, I was such cute baby. And we were such a happy family. Nevermind, I want to cry. I’m gonna go to sleep. At this point, the only thing that I’m wondering is what’s gonna happen to my life next.

What did you guys decide? Boarding school!! No, I can’t leave my friends here. Not just friends everything in general here. I am not going to leave this house. This is not for the best or for your own good. This is the worst. From the mistake, you guys made this doesn’t mean that I have to leave.

I don't give a damn anymore. Ughh, I have so much stress going it’s unbelievable. My crazy parents are really forcing me to go to that damn school. The first problem is a divorce and now the second problem is going to a Boarding school, I can’t wait for the third problem. The rest of my life is going to be miserable and I can’t wait for the misery. I really wish I wasn’t alive. I can’t handle all this. How is my mom going to stay alone? I don’t care about my dad anymore because it’s all his fault. You know what I hate this damn house I can’t wait till I disappear.