Do We Still Need The Patriot Act ?

In my opinion the Patriot Act has aspects in it where yeah it can prevent future attacks. However I do believe that some parts of the act aren't as clear as they should be. In "A Vital Weapon" Nathan A. Sales says that the agents are using tools that police officers have used for decades. Does this mean that all this time we suffer the risk of the government just being able to listen in our private conversations? Maybe so, in all honesty I think that people who are Pro the Patriot Act just want to make it seem as if there is nothing wrong with it. When in reality there are a lot of loose ends that need to be revised. In the same post it also said that "Agents can monitor a terrorist even if they havent yet found evidence he belongs to a foreign terrorist organization". How is it possible for these agents to just monitor someones daily lives and ways of communications without having any evidence that they are a threat? This to me is one of the biggest reasons why the patriot act needs to be looked over throughly to fix this loose end. In the end its all about being able to convince the judge, and that to me seems unfair. Shouldn't you be able to prove something with that big of a deal.

In "Too Many Needless Provisions" there was a case linked where agents requested the name of people who checked out a biography of Osama Bin Laden. When I read over the article it seemed so crazy for agents to ask for that type of information. Not ask but demand at that. How would checking out a biography of Osama Bin Laden make you a threat, why demand that type of information. Why violate peoples rights in such ways without having a structured reason why? Other point that I found interesting was why should people sacrifice freedom for safety. Not even, just because they are basically stalking people who are "threats" doesn't guarantee that we will be more safe. Sure it has helped in some ways, but the measures taken are a bit out of wack to me.

I also think that overall the Patriot Act is a way to jeopardize our constitution. It violates our privacy, something we shouldn't have to worry about.After finding out about this this whole act im even kinds freaked out just talking on the phone. What if someone is listening on in my conversation what if someone ever just knows my every move. I know it kind of is being dramatic but the whole thought of agents and the government being able to actually do this to other people freaks me out.