Don't Judge Me - Loren Jenkins


Rachael- Main Character
Malika- Sierra’s sister and Rachael’s enemy
Mrs.Smith: Mother of Rachael and Sean
Mr.Smith: Father of Rachael and Sean
Sean- Rachael’s brother and Sierra’s Girlfriend
David- Sean’s best friend
Aleasha- Davids older sister
Sierra- Seans girl friend
Jackie: The little sister of Sean and Rachael

Scene 1, Act 1
(Rachael is just waking up from her bedroom turning her alarm clock off, and streach  before she gets out the bed)
         Beep! Beep! Beep! I could hear the alarm in my head going off. The last Beeeeeeeeeepppp! Got me up fo’sho.  I had just realized that today was my big day to go for the casting call for American Apparel. I was so excited I hurried up and hit the dismiss button on my alarm clock and jumped out of the bed. I already knew what I was going to wear today, and I packed my modeling set clothes in the new purple Nike bag I just brought.  Today I was feeling young and sexy since my birthday was coming up in a few months I though I must enjoy my youth years before the huge packet of responsibility come on me. I wore a soft quarter length cream flower patterning silk scope neck shirt, with my new sky blue Jeggings ,and my 4 inch clog heels. I thought I was looking bad! Well ya know I was.
(She starts to put on her outfit to leave for her casting call for a modeling audition. When she goes to check on her parents and little sister she looks happy and sad at the same time.)
           As I got done putting my clothes on, I made myself a simple breakfast nothing to big though just something to keep my stomach from growling so roughly. I had 2 pieces of toast with some jelly and a glass of milk. It was good. After I was done I cleaned up the little mess that I had made in the kitchen, and went into my parents room to tell them that I will be leaving now. As I stepped in the room I could see my mother, father and my little sister who is 7 between them resting peacefully so I didn’t bother them. I closed the door with a smile on my face.  As I walk down the hall I notice my big brother Sean is in the bathroom taking his early shower before he has to go to work. He hears me walk past and peeped out the bathroom door. I gave him the don’t mess with me look and he closed the bathroom door to continue what he was doing. Before I can hit the steps he comes out the bathroom. I was shocked to see that my brother is maturing. In my head I was thinking well about time. I took the offer by saying “Sure, that will be nice. I miss hanging out with my big bro sometimes.” He smiles back and throw me his car keys.” I knew he was lying, he is never on time.
(She gets in the car and turn it on and the radio. She puts her seat belt on and start to thinking about the old times)
           Finally, I’m in the car and five minutes has already past. I’m jamming to some Lil Wayne and Drake as they just came on the radio station.  Immedenilty after the song was done I could see Sean coming out of the house. He wore his new vans I just brought him for his birthday two weeks ago, some skinny jeans, and a North face hoodie with a North face hat. My brother was handsome all the ladies around my way would be on his top. He was the kind of guy every girl dreamed of. He was nice, sweet, smart, polite, and knew how to make money with out having to sell drugs on the corner of a street. Everywhere we went ladies would look him up and down and when it came to me the rolled their eyes. I’m guessing they thought I was his girl.  “Ha-haaa” I laughed a little to myself.  He got in the car with on the song Black and Yellow, which is rapped by Wiz Khilifa.  He turned it up in his new BMW our parents just brought him for doing so well in college and managing to work at the same time.
( When talking about the old times she is cool until Sean hits her triger, she then startds to go off and have her taturems, Sean doesn’t argue with her trying to stay focus on the road)
           When he put his foot on the gas, the engine roaring in heart start to beat faster of such excitement. On the ride to our destination we started to talking about the old days when we where younger, How we used cause so much trouble at school , nothing major just things kids get in trouble for, We compared out lives on how we changed and we both a better future. I started to laugh because I remember when we was done we got into more trouble. “No NO I got a better one,

remember when that little girl called me a Bitch because I took the last ice cream bar from the ice cream truck? I went crazy on her ass.” I laughed looking at Sean. “I could of just sworn you apologized to me in the house about this same subject. Yes, I have Conductive Disorder and I’m trying to control it, but it’s hard when people like you, like you, my own family who suppose to be there for me, but all you do is crack jokes and think it’s a game. It’s not a game okay so don’t smash in my face every time you think you can… Okay” I said screaming and crying. Sean drove with the music turned up loud trying to ignore whatever I was going to say next, even though I was done speaking to him.
(Just sitting there relaxing most of the ride to the place, cooling down from the temper she just had)
           He drove me there safely. When I stepped out to the fresh air I thought well maybe I would be okay. I turned to the car and bend down to the window “ I love you big bro”. I walked away as he drove off. The casting was held at the Marriott Hotel on the first floor crystal ball room. It was nice and tons of females where there that got chosen from the photo contest online. When you came in you had to show them your information that you had to print out from the computer, get a number, and wait to be called in one of the sheeted spots to change into your first outfit and meet the panelist.  About a good 45 minutes has passed before my number was called. I was so thrilled to hurry up and model down the runway. The first change was the black body suit, with sparkling tights, and black 4 inch pump heels. I thought I was looking sharp, and I kept a smile on my face. As I walked out of the changing area, most of the girls just stared and looked at me as if I was any different from them. When I took another glaze at everyone I did notice something. Most of the girls were taller then me, and skinner then me. I wasn’t fat just thick ya know.  I was on my school track team, and took up kick boxing lessons to keep my anger in control.
( Here face lighted up because it was her time to shine, Girls all over was looking at her up and down as she made it to the interview room)
           I heard my number being called to show my stuff.  I walked on that run way thinking that I owned it turning, twisting, and swirling. I knew I was going to get picked.  As I came to the end I meet the three panelists. There names where George, Lisa, and Cathy. I reply, “ Well my name is Rachel Smith and I’m from Southwest, Philadelphia. “ Thanks for having me here” I say with a smile on my face. “ Well I’m different from the rest because I’m have inspiration to become something big, and better then what is already out there. I want to take modeling to a different edge where it can’t be compared to Nicki Manij or Lady Gaga. I want to show that black American girls, thick girls, girls of all color that they can to become someone in the modeling industry where the rules are strict. I want to break that barrier where everyone won’t be subjected to who they really are. “ I said. They seemed to be very impressed of what I said and told me to model for them one more time.  It was time to change into my off the shoulder dress that was a bright yellow with a bow in the back, and with my silver pumps from Steve Madden. Waling back to the runway. I notice to young black girls with long pretty hair and nice eyes laughing. I thought they where having a good time until I notice they where laughing at me.  I didn’t notice at first until I started to walk and the sound of their laughter started to get louder, and louder and faster, and faster, As I take my last spin I was stun to hear my name and rude comment behind my back. One of the girls said it. But I ignored it and kept on walking because I knew if I let it come out it might ruin something good that can be coming my way.  When I walked back to the changing spot I gathered my clothing, and put back on my clothes that I came in.  As was walking out I got my information back and the lady who gave me the number told me I should be getting a call within 3 days to know if I made the cast or not. “Thank you”.  I caught the bus back to my house; on the long ride back I couldn’t stop thinking how that girl disrespected me. I was happy that I kept my cool, but next time won’t be so smooth.
( Riding the bus with a smirk)
Scene 2, Act 2

( I scared dark scene, one person in the stage in the dark in the corner while saying this speak.)
           I’m here underneath the bed hiding because I’m scared of where I can be used at next. I stay here waiting to see if she will ever put me back in the kitchen where she got me from. I’ve been under this bed for over 7 years now and I’m lucky she hasn’t killed herself.  In this box she puts me in I’m shut out of the world that I belong to be in. I was created to be used to cut fruits and veggies. Not slice and puncture the skin of a human being.  I get upset and if I wasn’t an object I would tell her how upset I am at her.
           Once before Mrs. Smith took me out the box thinking that she was going to find any empty box to use. She put me back in the kitchen and when Rachel gets home she raise’s hell. She made her take all of her bracelets that she wore that day to show her wrist. Lucky, there was no marks because she didn’t use me yet; Ms. Smith whipped her until she clearly understood that you shouldn’t do those kinds of things. She was hard headed and went back in the kitchen to get me that night when everyone was in his or her beds sleeping.
           She took me upstairs into her bedroom and played with me in her hands. I was scared of what she was going to do with me next. She made me go over her arms back and fourth gently. Then ever time she stroke back and fourth with me in her hands on her wrists she would get stronger, faster, and heavier. She was sweating and shaking as if she knew what could happen next. She cut herself; she screamed a little waking up her little baby sister. Having everyone rush into the room to see what was going on.  When they got there she snucked  down stairs cleaned me off, and before she put me away Mr. Smith caught her. She was crying pain and didn’t know what to do. She told him that she fall on it and her hand hit it. She was lying of course. Her mother came down with baby Jackie and told her to sit down and tell them why she did it. She mentions that People has been calling her names in school. She tried everything that she could not hurt them. Sometimes she do by punching them or slapping them in the face. She feel’s bad mommy and daddy every time she comes home from school. Something doesn’t feel right in my head. All I hear is the name-calling and laughter. It seems like it follows her home every night. Her parent’s has stunned at what they heard, and decided it was time for her to visit the doctor as soon as the morning hit. Baby Jackie has never slept in that room again after that night.

Scene 3, Act 3

( Rachael is in her room relaxing on her bed on the phone through out this whole scene)
           Ring, Ring, Ring…. Hello, who dis? O what’s up girl, did you get a new number? …O ard hold on let me put this in my phone before I forget. Hello? …Was up?... Who, who girl tell me who you saw again…. You saw Sean where and with who?.... Isn’t that music chick that’s always rapping and singing that was in the graduated class before us? …OMG! What where they doing? OOOwww he told me he had to go to work. Yeah maybe he did go to work you’re right, well after kissing that whore. Because I know. I know because she a hood rat I see her sometimes around this way and I’m  guessing that’s how they met. …Well I really don’t know how they met ,but I’m sure gonna ask him about it.  Why not? True, he might think that we spying on him or something…. He a grown man he can do whatever he please long as there ain’t no problems and he ain’t out there messing with no hoe…. I know I just called her a whore I was kidding I call a lot of people whore’s like you. hahaha hehehe…. Yes, it is funny. O it was fun but at the same time it was intimidating and I was starting to get angry. No I didn’t kill anyone what mad you ask me something like that. I know I’m crazy. Yeah, people ask me that all the time, but I just tell them no I don’t act out just to do it. I’ve been hurt when I was younger and you know that. I’m not gonna say what all I went through cuss we both know. And we both know that I went through hell in school and out. So they way I act is not based on some science fiction stuff the doctor tells me. Some woman wouldn’t even be able to be strong like I am and still be able to enjoy life at times. Yeah, but any who some girl that looks like whicha face was there with her friend or something. I knew her face with similar, but I just couldn’t make out who she was.  She had on a gold shot dress with like sandel pump heels, long silky black hair I couldn’t tell if it was hers or night, and those bright hazel brown eyes. Yeah, she’s a jounior right. Yeah, I knew her face just couldn’t make out who she was. THAT”S HER SISTER!!! Are you kidding me. OOO no fuck this shit I’m going to raise hell Monday in school. Sean and I are going to have a nice long sis and bro talk tonight when he get in before he goes to work.  I don’t gave a damn of how Sean feels about her. He never brung her home to meet the family so therefore she must not be that important to him! Look I don’t care that bitch called me out of my name. What did she say, She said look at the that crazy bitch with the big thighs rubbing on each other with her ugly self. Yes that’s why I was mad. Now I gotta go cuss I’m taking my sister to her friends sleepover. Ard call you lata.

Scene 4, Act 4
(Rachel is now leaving her little sisters friends house to walk back to her home, then she see’s her brother driving up, and pulled over to her, and she gets in the car)

What’s up?... Where are you headed? …. Other side of town?.... Why you going over there for?... OO true, to see your boo?... Yeah, ya boo you know… Yeah, you know… I’m not arguing I’m just being sophisticated. Haha, yeah like I was saying., where ya headed too? … O yeah so are you looking for a place over there to near your hommies? .. O cool true. Hey, bro let me ask you something real quick?.. Do you a girl named Lyric, she used to go to my school, but her little sis and me is in the same grade? … O soooo you do know her?... I heard you, that more than knew her! . . . Stop raising my voice??, I ‘m not even yelling! .. Look whatever, you fucking that whore? .. Yeah I called her a whore because she is! I know her more then what you see in her. She’s nothing but a slut who used to sleep with in my guys in the school for money and weed, O yes, she did. I just told you how I know! Well anyway her little sister doesn’t like me… Yeah I’m sure. I saw the both of them today at the cast call. Yeah, she’s pretty , but her mouth is dirty. And the next time she says something to me nasty I will punch in her DAMN mouth! … Does she even know that me and you are sister and brother?.. O wow! I’m not surprised is that why you never brought her home to meet our family? … Yeah, well keep her where she is. I don’t think mom and dad would be to please to meet her anyway!
( They both get out the car at Sean’s best friends house. Sean best friend name is David who lives with his sister)

Scene5, Act 5
( Sean and Rachael gets out the car while David meets them in the doorway of the house. They walk in greet everyone whose in the house then takes in the kitchen and starts to talk about their plans for their condo they plan on buying. While, Rachael is in the other room talking with David’s sister about fashion, her modeling dream , and  going to school)
Hey, did you find any cool spots yet?.. Cool , cool so let me see what you got so far… Alright so this right here looks pretty cool. Umm how much are the prices raging from?.. Okay that’s not bad cuss if he split that half and half it be about 650 a month for the both of us… Yeah, I can work with that… So what about your girl is she still moving in with us?.. Okay, good cuss you know I was thinking this should be a guys joint for more then a girls. I know she can come chill because that’s your girl and all family and friends are welcome, it’s just the where old enough to be living on our own and we paying for most of the rent here so therefore we should be the ones to make up the rules.. Yeah, so when do you want to make this meeting set?.. Okay, cool that’s perfect just e-mail me all the info and I will set up the meeting and get at you asap. .. Yeah we cool, but my sista acting weird about it… No see she doesn’t know and forreal forreal  I don’t want to tell her. Well you see her and her little sister was at this cast calling this morning for a modeling opportunity.. Yeah, so she told me that she was popping off at the mouth and that’s my sister I can’t having no girl disrespecting my family.. Yeah , you know we might have a little something going on but what she got between my sister she needs to stop it before I stop it and then they’ll both hate me… Yeah, so do you think that it’s a good time for them to meet?
( Rachael walks in when he says the last line, and gives the look as if she wants to know who she wants to meet? The convo now starts with Sean and Rachael )
Yeah Rachael, I said you , mom, dad, and Jackie is gonna meet her?.. You know who! .. I’m talking about Sierra, okay? … Look I know I know! ( Rachael just now left the house with Sean, David, and Aleasha, Davids sister walking after her out the house)  Rachael, Rachael Wait! ( she stand near the car acting like a brat) … I know I lied. .. I can understand your mad. You want me to take you home?.. Fine.
( Sean tells David that he’ll be right back)
( The silent ride all the way home without any speaking)
Act 6, Scene 6
(Rachael is running up the stairs to go handle her self. She walks back and forth trying to clear her mind. She then grabs her phone to call her Bestfriend)
           Omg, you was right! It’s all true!... He does talk to her he really does! We where at David’s house when he was talking about it… I asked him in the car, but all he would say is no and trying to laugh it off and go to the next subject. .. I knew something was up cuss the way he was acting, but I didn’t want to give him the benefit of the doubt… I know he was acting smart about it saying that me and the fam would have to get over it. How long have yall been dating, and now you want to bring her home to the family ?? …
(Rachael come down sweetie where having a family meeting.- Her mother yells from the steps of there home)
Ugh, here it comes!.. I gotta go cuss where about to have a family meeting about you know who!.. Love ya 2 thanks girly.
( Rachael walks down the stairs towards the living room and takes a sit on the couch next to her little sister Jackie. Her mother and father is sitting together in the love sit. While Sean is in front of the TV about to make his statements.)
Act 7, Scene 7
I would like to say that I love you all , and that I care about all of you! I don’t want anything to come between our strong trusted family bonds. ( Rachael coughs saying you a ready did. Sean gives her the look.) There is something that I must tell you! That happens to be that I have been dating this girl for a while about 7 months now. Her name is .. and we do find are selfs in a deep relationship. Not focusing on love, but we do have strong feelings for us.  I’m to years older then her, and she used to go to Rachael’s high school where I used to go. That’s how and where we met.  She will be coming to join us for dinner on Wednesday, which is 4 days from now.  I am also moving in a few weeks with David J we found a spot not to far in the city.
( Rachael Mom seems impressed and so does his father. Jackie has a big smile on her face, while Rachael just looks and rolls her eyes)
These last two monologe are short for a reason because the next few scences  are the conflict and i wanted to move to that slowly.
(The weekend is over and it’s now Monday the first day back to school.  Later on she will get into a huge fight and is suspended from school for 2 days. During this time after school on Monday and in the afternoon of Wednesday she has kick box class.  Jamila, Seans girlfriend comes over for dinner that same evening.)

 ( July- Drake is playing in the background while see gets dressed she already took her shower)
Act 8, Scene 8

        This is my jamm. I can’t wait to go to school today. I can’t wait to see the bitch so I can comfront her ass about what she had said to me. And if she play games with me imma have her playing.

( She turns the music off and go down stairs)

Hey family...

( Her Parents and siblings are sitting eating breakfast in the kitchen.)

Thank you God for the food we’re about to receive, in the nutriments of our body, in Christ sake, Amen...

Umm mom these eggs are soo cheesey , just like I like them.
( Recheal and her family where eating and talking about what they have planned fort he day)

O yeah, Sean your secret lover is coming over today for dinner… I might not be here to see her… I have  some kick boxing lessons tonight remember today is Wednesday soo yeah…. You can come pick me up at 6, Please. Thanks dad… Well I gotta go see you guys later.

( Rachael walks off from the kitchen table and grabs her jacket and walk out the door to her bus stop)

( She is now at school and is walking to her first class)

Hey Girl, how was your weekend? .. Cool well you already know. Ow yes we got a sub today haha. ( Pulls out her i-pod, pencil, and notebook to finish the work on the board). So yeah if I see her then I will ask her about it…  O well is she that coincided that she has to be late to school almost everyday. I guess it might be because she has to put her face on because of all the make up she wears ya know?..  The bathroom, hun? … Yeah, well lets go and see if she’s in there. ( the both ask to go the bathroom, the teacher shakes his head and they leave the  classroom).  Well she betta be in here girl.. Imma just start simple talk with her if she doesn’t get mart before I do. ( they walk into the bathroom , and there she was putting on her make up).  O damn girl, don’t think that’s enough? ( she keeps butting her make up on smiling not noticing who was speaking to her)… No, haha well aren’t you like that junior girl that a model… Yeah, what’s your name again?.... O that’s right, did you have a cast call this weekend?.. Yeah, I was there do you remember me? ( She’s done putting her make up on and takes a good look at her with shock-ness) Yeah I thought you did, so about that little remark you made about me? Yes you did you little smut. Your just like your sister, aren’t you?... Yes, you know what the hell I’m talking about. ( Rachael starts to get madder and starts to sweat. She says to herself that this bitch is just playing dumb and scared because there two of us and on of her)… Im talking to you, duh? ( She tries to leave.).. Excuse you, where your going your already 35 minutes late to class, why bother going now?... Bitch who the fuck you think you talking to, now I’m not done with your ass!... Yeah, she can be here she not gonna touch you but if you touch me I will fuck you up… Anywho you small twig you said something very disrespectful to me ,and I don’t need to repeat it you for you to understand because I know that you know what I’m talking about!.. I m rising my voice at you cuss your acting like you don’t know( She smacks rachael , then try to run for the door, but rachaels best friend jumps in front of the door).. OOwwww BITCH YOUR GONNA GET IT!!!!!!!!!!! ( rachael pulls her by the hair and swings her back and punches her in the lip and eye before she could continue her best friend stops her.)

( She runs out the bathroom door to tell the teacher what happen, rachael and her best friend hurries back to the classroom as if nothing happened)

( Loud Speaker: Rachael Smith please come the Principals office immediately!)

( The class goes ooooooowwwww crazy girl)

Ugh, I know the smut was going to tell and I really don’t care!

( Rachael leaves the classroom making her way to the office.)

Hello… Well what happen was this was un finished business that occurred over the weekend. That’s all I’m saying. No I didn’t think it was okay for her to say what she said to me and I’m not gonna let no girl, boy, woman, or man talk to me any kind of way if there not my family! I’m sorry… Okay you can suspend me and call in hearing all you want, It doesn’t matter to me I ’m letting you know that now. Did she tell you that she hit me first… O I didn’t think she did, so what’s gonna happen to her nothing, right? .. . O well is she getting a 2 day suppension?.. Okay good! Well my last words before you send me home  is that I’m a senior and I only have about three more months of school before I graduate and go to college. Exspelling me now would be pretty awful, and dumb because all my hard work would have be done for nothing. I didn’t work this hard to become nothing, and I’m going to reach my goals and dreams liked I always wished to.  I will be a woman and I few days now, and I don’t have time for little chicks flocking in my way at the wrong time. That’s all.

( Rachael gets the rest of her homework from her teachers, and she stays down town for the rest of the day until it’s time for her kick boxing lessons start).
Act 9 , Scene 9
(Rachael is starting her session at her kickboxing practice, and Jackie, Sean’s girlfriend has just arrived to the house for dinner.)  
Left Kick
(Sean and Mya just pull up in front of the house)
Right Kick
(Sean and Mya just walked in the house, as they walk to the door Sean parents welcomes then in.)
Upper cut(Right Punch)
(They all walk to the living room, and greeted each other with hugs, hand shakes, and kisses)
Left Hook
You have such a beautiful house, and Mrs. Smith your very pretty… Well I try to look my best thank you. (She smiles)
Upper cut (Left Punch)
Hey little cutie, how are you,and what’s your name? … Well Jackie you’re adorable.
Right Hook
Yes please, I would love to see the rest of the house.
( They walk around the house looking and talking about the photos and little nick necks that are in there eyes.)… That’s your little sister?... So you have to sister’s and then it’s you the oldest?... She looks familiar like if I seen her a few times before!... O so she goes to the same school as we did ,and my little sister…. Has she been there since the 9th grade?... Well I can see why I wouldn’t know her, I’ve heard about her but you was out of school before the both of us shot, and we barely talked to each other in school…
(They walk upstairs then down back to the kitchen.)
Two Times Left Hook
Hey Mrs. Smith, do you need any help with anything? … Sure thing. How do you want them cut up?... Okay. (She smiles and then gets the fruit out of the refrigerator and takes it to the counter and starts to cut it up in cube size pieces.)
Left Hook, Right Hook combo
OOooww this food is going to too be soo good I can tell by the smell.
(She puts the fruit all together and mix it together, add nuts and caramel, and then puts in the refrigerator.)
Looks in the mirror at her self.
Takes a sit at the kitchen table, and takes a pocket mirror out her pocketbook and looks at herself.
Grabs a sit still looking in the mirror,and takes a break drinking some Power Aid.
Excuse, me Mya would you like to go with Sean and I to pick up Rachael?
No thanks, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.
(Sean and Mr. Smith shook there heads ,and went on there way.)
Starts her own routine that she has made up.
(Mr. Smith and Sean is on their way to pick her up.)
…… 15 Minutes Later….
She walks to the back and gets dressed. Her phone rings, it’s her dad. .. Okay, dad I’m coming she says. She collects her things, and leave. Her dad greets her with a kiss and open and close the door for her. Hey, big bro she says.
Hey lil sis, How was practice.
It has been well.
Sean and Mr.Smith say together:
(They listened to the radio all the way home, and with little conversation. Back home Mrs.Smith sets the table with the help of Mya. The phone rings , but Mrs.Smith gets there to late so the answer machine comes on. It’s the consular from Rachael’s school calling to inform what happened in school today.)
Answering Machine:
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith, how are you? This is McWilliams from your daughter Rachael school Lead the Way. I’m calling on the behalf of the principal to inform you that Rachael has been suspended from school for 2 days. She won’t be able to come back to school in less one, or both of her parents are with her. She also has a hearing on the day she comes back. The reasoning for this was she was fighting a young lady named Malika who is a little younger then her.
(Mya hears the name and immediately knows it’s her sister, she comes over to comfort Mrs.Smith.)
She had gave her a black eye, and I swollen lip. Malika has also been suspended for 2 days and will be attending the meeting also with one or both of her parents. At this meeting we will discuss future goals and punishments. Sorry for the bad news.
(Sean, Rachael, and Mr.Smith come in through the back door which Is in the shield kitchen)
If you have any questions please call me ,or the Principal.
I have to go I have to go I’m soo sorry!
Good we didn’t want you here in the first place.
Shut up!!!! You punched Malika in the eye and lip??
Sean and Mr.Smith:
( Look as if it was normal)
I thought you learned your lesson the first time?
I learned but I ain’t no punk and if I feel as though I have a problem with someone I will confront them! Haven’t yall learned that lesson?
You could have killed her.
Maybe I should’ve.
Mrs.Smith: (Smacks Rachael.)
Stop it mom Just Stop it, that won’t help!!
Fuck you all, Fuck you, you, and you!
Watch your damn mouth!!!!!
Yall take her side first before you hear me out. This smut that you don’t know nothing about. Who sean kept a secret for the past few mouths. Don’t get nasty with me when you have a chick who is fake and doesn’t respect your own daughter. Im out.
Come back here,NOW!

No I rather not bye!
(She goes to stay at her aunts house for the 2 days to get away from everyone. On the day of the hearing she goes with her mom and dad.)
Rachael has been off the hook, but she will have to serve 360 hours of community serves. She also has to see a doctor to make sure she is well off. As far Malika she has to do 154 hours of community serve , and it has to be done before she graduates when she gets in the 12 grade. At this meeting Mr.and Mrs. SMith learned that Malika was Mya’s little sister , and that Rachael was telling the truth all along. They had apologized to her.

Ms. Smith
( She’s talking to herself, God , and her husband while getting ready for bed.)

         Thank you, Lord for helping my daughter change. I thought I would never see this day coming. It’s been a long hard rode for the family to travel down with her. She made it, they said that it would only get worse because she was getting older. The older you get with this condition, the harder it would come down on you. I’m just lucky that my baby is more then normal. She is a living miracle with great open doors full with opportunities. She is now working extra hard putting in college forms together. She wants to major in human resources instead of modeling. It seemed to me that, that was just a hobby for her. Seeing her work harder each day. Waking up with a smile on her face just warms me up inside. Seeing that her anger is forced towards kickboxing and not on her family and friends. Not that it ever was because she knew better then that. I just want say thank you Lord for watching over us everyday, and giving us a wonderful blessing. My daughter back!
… Amen
( She gets in the bed and pull the covers over her. She falls asleep with a smile on he face, next to her husband.)

( Laying on her bed writing in her Diary before she starts her day)
           She is still a spoiled brat, and I really don’t care what no one says. I love Sean and since I love him I would have to give her chance. Although I have learned that on my sisters and I part we did come off rude. I know that we can run our mouths to much at times. I agree that there is a change in both of them , and even in my self over the past 9 weeks. It has been almost 3 months since this whole problem occurred, I would have rather it be handled the way it was. I still don’t total agree with Rachael still being able to stay in school for the next 4 months or so. She could have killed my sister, then what. She goes to her little kickboxing, therapy, and community talk services during the week. I think that she deserves more then just getting her life together. In the past when I was in high school I used to talk so many trash about the different girls in the school. I talked about how they dressed, act, and if I liked you or not. Now looking at what a smart mouth can cause people to do to you, I’ve totally changed the way I act and talk to people. Sean and I are still going strong now, but during the beginning when everything started to blossom I thought we where going to end. But instead he moved out of his parent’s house to a little condo with one of his best friends. About a month later he came back around to chill with me and to go home to make sure things where all right.
( She close the book and put on her dresser, and leaves the room.)

Knief Diary
( Rachael is on the floor reaching for the box underneath  her bed).
           I can hear her footsteps coming closer to me, and I start to get nerves. It has been awhile since her, and I had any kind of contact. I can feel the heat from her body coming closer to mines as she comes to reach for the box that I am. When she opens the box, and I see those pretty eyes I knew that she has changed. I know it has been pretty rough for her having to deal with the consequences she had received. But I know that it changed her. (Rachael reaches down to pick up the knife and look at it smiling).
When she picks me up I can feel the sweet softness in her hands that comforts me like never before. I was never used comfort just to eat and cut at her raw skin. I felt something chilled on my skin. I notice she was crying tears of joy. I never once thought this day would come so soon. After all the praying and praying we have done for this child. I happy it’s over. It’s finally coming to an end.
( Rachael gets up and takes the knife downstairs to the kitchen).
Were leaving the room and walking past the bathroom and down the stairs , it has been a long time since we have ever walked together. My heart starts to jump with happiness and joy. It’s like I knew her every move that she was going to make next. (Rachael opens the eating materials draw and places the kneif in). I’M HOME! I never thought that I would ever come back here, but I was wrong she grew out of her CD and was able to look past it. I’m happy to know that she is getting better, and my wishes came true for the both of us.
(Rachael close’s the draw and walks away).