Doomsday: Apocalyptic Scholars 3

This episode is about Cormac McCarthy's (the author) intent and our overall feelings on "The Road." The Road is a post-apocalyptic novel following the journey of a father and son. Podcast by: Brooklin, Care, Zahirah + Tyler

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Jasir Chavis (Student 2021)
Jasir Chavis

I think the podcast did a great job of trying to understand the authors intent it was really interesting to hear the discussion on the author's grammar and whether or not that took away from the writing or the story. The podcast for being about a post-apocalyptic word podcast was very easy flowing I was caught off guard by the homey music, in the beginning, it was a really great podcast.

Maxwell Lewis (Student 2021)
Maxwell Lewis

I really like this group's work! This podcast is very organized, and well thought out. Before going into this I didn't know anything about the book and now I know a lot! I also thought there were many compelling conversations. Definitely Would listen to it again.