Dreams are the Key


Society as a whole has become very corrupt and the things that keep us all from being pessimists is hope. Hope that we will be alive the next day. Hope for what comes next. For your crush to even look at you that day. Through out the year I've learned what hope and dreams can do for a society. Dreams are what make the world go 'round. Dreams by definition are "a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep." or to "contemplate the possibility of doing something or that something might be the case." Both are very important to making the world a better place. Without dreams we would never have inventions and we would never evolve as the human race that we are today. 

When we as humans start to believe in things there starts to become problems and controversies we go through. In religions, especially, we start to tell stories we call myths "Myths have power because they are stories that you hear usually from people of authority that you trust, to tell the truth." Myths also make you believe in the unseen which gives a person the creativity to dream. The thing is "Dreams are fulfilled through education, nothing comes without learning" so the basic human rights need to be fulfilled in order for us to move forward as a whole.

In my Digital Story I talk about happiness and that we are all in the same boat as humans "They also need to remember that we are all in the same boat as humans and if we continue down this road of nothingness we will never be happy as a whole and that sucks because we deserve to be happy in the short lives we have." Life for humans is too short to be fighting the way we do.  Like the Europeans conquering the “New world” In one of my journals I say, "You say you want peace you want peace, yet you want to fight for it?" And this could not be put in simpler terms, Society as a whole has a skewed view on the way we obtain things. 

We often want what is best but we don’t think about how we get there as something that is important. In another journal we looked at a quote from Gandhi and compared it to a quote from Machiavelli. We compared their views on how to achieve a goal. Gandhi thinks that the means in which you get to that goal is important and I agree with him “No matter the end result eventually people start to look at the way you get there.” People can see if you are someone they agree with or disagree with by the way you do things. We need to remember that good intentions are just that, intentions”

All in all I feel as though I have learned so much, About the way the human mind has evolved over time. About the things that have changed and the things that have stayed the same. Fighting is still the means to get to a goal that was originally good. But the dreams have evolved so much because the human mind has gotten to a place where the unimaginable is now reality.