"Driver" Film Review

The film Drive, the first 10 minutes of the scene starts it. It tells what favors the main character does. The audience didn't know if that was a job or anything else, but it told part of his personality and shows an activity that he does. Main character with no name, played by actor Ryan Gosling, doesn't speak much in this scene. In the film in general he doesn't speak so much. But in this specific scene, the silence of the characters helped tell what type of chase that was. The beat and radio also helped tell the story. There was a baseball game playing, but it also related to the chase.

In this film it show's two completely different stores that meets up with each other. There's a story where Gosling's character is a stunt driver, and he drives for reasons on the side which are the deals. Then there's a story where he mets a girl and her son, and has a connection with them. She's married to a latino male name Standard, which brought the gang storyline to the film. 

The lighting in the film really helped in the story because especially with Gosling's character doesn't speak much so most of the movie the lighting was his dialogue. The music and sounds in the film went with everything. Especially with the radio in the first 10 minutes. The camera angles were as detailed on the characters as possible. No matter what type of camera angle it was. The one I enjoyed most was when Gosling's character drowned Nino in the ocean and it was a very wide shot of the city. But you could still see Gosling's character as small as he was because his jacket stood out.

I also remember talking with a classmate who talked about the symbol of his jacket. That classmate was Anwar. He states how he has a scorpion on the back of his jacket. It represent how a scorpion acts in it's smart and sneaky ways. He had the jacket on during most of the film. The jacket was also a motif because it's the main symbol that represents his character.

A few scenes I enjoyed was the elevator scene because the lighting told Gosling's feelings towards Irene while they were kissing and the music was building up when he did the thing with his jaw, letting Irene know he's about to show his true colors and kill the man in the elevator in order to save her. Another is when he meets Bernie. The angle I liked didn't show his face, but showed his shoulders down as he reached his hand to shake Gosling character's had. His line was "my hands are dirty" I believe. It seemed powerful in my opinion. The first 10 mins of the movie was one of my favorites because there were no camera shots from outside of the car during the chase. Another is when he went into the dressing room. It was when the guy was on the floor and Gosling's character was standing over him conversing with Nino. He had the weapon in his hand gripping it tight. That type of angle looking up at Gosling showed that he had authority at that moment. The very last was after Irene and Gosling's character was hanging out for the day. They were talking while they were near the window. The way they were looking and smiling at each other was amazing. There wasn't much dialogue but their face told it all. 

The only thing I didn't like in the movie was around the end when Bernie and Gosling's character was talking. They were talking about the movie and it had clips of what happens while they were discussing it. I wanted to predict what was going to happen while they were talking. I didn't want it to show me while they were talking. Other than that, the movie was great, detailed, and I loved how the different storylines depended on each other.