Dunsinane™: The Official Trading Card Game By: Gabriella Torres & Andrew Semisch

Macbeth Card Stuff
For our creative project, Andrew and I worked on a card game of our own design featuring all of the characters of the play (unless we missed one or two of them). Included in the slideshow are all of the cards. Most cards, as you can see, have their own signature ability that isn’t shared with any other card. These abilities are inspired by what that character does in the play. For example, our Macbeth card can’t be destroyed by any other card except Macduff since, in the play, Macduff is the only person who can kill him. Aside from all the characters, there are cards related to themes or important phrases/moments in the book. For example there is the “Milk of Human Kindness” card, which is a callback to when Lady Macbeth told Macbeth that he was too full of said, which becomes a recurring idea in the play. The aim of the game is to defeat your enemy using your cards against theirs and dethrone them. The rules are described in the attached pdf.