E. Alfaro-Allah Tech Slide

Hi. *finger guns* Most of you know me. Some better than others, but you are all aware of my existence to some extent. Well, let’s start at the very beginning. My name is Eliana-Eliyas Isabella Alfaro-Allah. But that’s my name, not who I am. I’m your fun classmate, Ed. But this project isn’t all about me. How did I come about making this beautiful artistry? Why choose this to represent me? Let’s see. As you can see, I use the theme of stars in my slide. I am very interested in astronomy, astrology and alien conspiracies. I myself use tarot cards and tell fortunes, and I wanted to communicate this interest of mine in an aesthetically pleasing way. At the top of the slide, you see my (very long) name. Although it isn't a very large part of me, it's still very important. By making it very large, you get the point of my slide. *Put hand over chest* Ya boi. I put the right section of my slide, the words “art is my passion.” It’s probably apparent by this point that I draw a lot. Art has always been a large part of my life, and I wanted to represent it some way that would both use negative and positive space well and be pleasing to the eye. Along with this statement, I inserted a quote by Bob Ross, saying “Trees don’t always grow straight, they grow however makes them happy.” That could be interpreted several times when it comes to me, if you know what i’m saying, but since it applies to me and how I’ve grown as a person, I thought it would be a good line to include, along with the fact that Bob Ross said it, a very famous and iconic art icon. To end, this slide is not only just to represent me, but what i've learned. The heft of this project I am sure will help me in life, and i'm very happy with the outcome.

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