E1 U1 Proyecto: Sofia, Tyreek, Salsabeel

Very early on in Spanish class, we learned how to greet each other and say goodbye. Tyreek comes into contact with these skills at his first day of school. The teacher introduces Tyreek to the class. When he goes to lunch he trips and falls, then a student, Salsabeel helps him up and they introduce themselves to each other.
With someone of your own age and rank, you can use tu. With someone older and more important, you use Usted. Salsabeel accidentally uses tu with her teacher and suffers the consequences.

Two friends use excuse me in 3 different forms (Con permisso, Perdoname, Disculpe). First when exiting the bus and again in a funny restaurant scene.

Sofia is scheduling an outdoor party and asks her friend what/how the weather will be on certain days. Tyreek must use the weather terminology we learned to tell Sofia that it will rain on her party, be too hot, or be just perfect and sunny.

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