Edgar Pacio Capstone

My capstone evolved over the course of the year but it was always centered around art. freshman year I have always been a fan of the artwork the decorated the halls of SLA and I asked myself “What can I add to SLA’s creative and artistic environment?”. At the beginning of the year my plan was to paint on a large canvas that could be taken with the school if it ever found a new building. I contacted Al Gury, the Chair of the Painting Department at PAFA, but unfortunately my attempt to stay in contact with this him failed. Since I was unable to obtain a large canvas I decided to paint the walls on the third floor. I had previous experience with photoshop but I was not pro. I spent a lot of time tinkering with the many tools the program has to offer. When it came time to decide what it was I was going to paint I decided on a black and white theme. I used photoshop to created girds and rough drafts of my future artwork. My final products were a painting of a zebra and a silhouette-like body slice. This project taught me new skills but most importantly I learned that art takes patience, resources, and collaboration.


Special thanks to Peter Ricker, Jenny Cruz, Kennedy Coverdale, and Nia Hammond for helping me through the Capstone process.