Education In Harm

Over the course of a year 1.35 million children are more then likely to become homeless in the U.S. Being homeless is devastating. People think that it isn’t that hard or anything major because they haven’t gone through any of it. One main of the things it affects is their education. School supplies alone is over 150 dollars, add the clothes and the transportation that’s close to 500 dollars. Most families struggle to afford that, if you are homeless there is no way you can make that!

  The homeless children that are able to enroll into public school suffer through obstacles. Out of 87% of the homeless children that are enrolled, only 77% attended almost everyday. In addition to money and enrollment problems, the fact that the children and their families move around in order to find shelter their education shifts from up and down. This is not healthy for the child's mind stability. 

 If homeless children were to attend private or catholic school would there education status be better? Would a stable place for them to live result in a better education?

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