Educations for kids with Autism

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Ian Fay (Student 2017)
Ian Fay

I feel personally about this page. I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome when I was an infant. It is a very mild variant of autism. Because of this I know how this feels. Can't wait to here your next one.

Imani Weeks (Student 2017)
Imani Weeks

The blog gave a lot of information on the subject and I agree with you. They don't seem to help those with autism a way to interact with people. You should give more background information about autism, though

Dejah Smith (Student 2017)
Dejah Smith

This is a very detailed blog that told me more about the topic. I liked how you explained why you were focused on this topic. You should try to facts about the topic such as when it was first discovered. Basically give more history on this topic.