EduCon 2.4 a Huge Success!

To the parents and students and teachers of SLA:

This weekend, Science Leadership Academy hosted EduCon 2.4 - a national education conference exploring the intersection of progressive educational philosophy and 21st Century tools. Over 500 educators from more than 40 states and six different countries came to SLA to learn with us. By all accounts the conference was an incredible success, both from a philosophical standpoint and a financial one - as the conference raised over $50,000 to kick off this year's laptop fundraising. The conference was run completely by student, parent, teacher and administrator volunteers, and we could not have done it without them. Thank you to all the students and parents and teachers who gave freely of their time and energy. We heard over and over again from hundreds of conference participants how incredible this community is and how amazing our students and parents are. Thank you all for the work you do and for being an incredible example to the world of what a school can achieve together.

-- Mr. Lehmann