Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

(Walks into the bathroom and locks the door. Lowers the lid on the toilet and sits down.) 

This cannot be happening. How could I forget about my period? It’s been like 6 weeks now so it should be coming any second now. Unless I’m dying. What if I’m dying? Oh my gosh. 

(Squeezing her phone tightly and stares at it for a few moments.) 

Should I text him? Which one could it be? Jamie? Lucas? Mir? If they didn’t pull out, I’m going to kill them. Ugh! 

(Then she goes into her pocket and takes out a box.) 

They had to pull out. There is no way I’m pregnant. ...Oh god, I don’t even know which one it was.

(She rubs her scared face and closes her eyes. She takes a deep breath.) 

Should I do it? Fuck it. 

(Stands up, lift up the seat and pull down her pants. She opens the box and takes out the tester. She sits down and opens her legs.) 

Ok so one line is negative and two lines mean my mum is going to bury me. Oh my gosh, this is hard. Okay, I got my pee pee on the stick. I wonder if this would be easier for boys. They can just…. Nevermind. All they wanna do is hit it and quit it, leaving me here like this. Wasting my time and my pee pee on this. “Yes mom? What am I doing? I’m taking a #2! It’s a hard one!”

Thank god I locked the door. I was bouta die before I even find out. I feel like I should be panicking. And I am but surprisingly,  I’m calm. I’m proud of myself. But i’ll have to beat my own ass before my mom does. If daddy finds out that his 16-year-old baby girl is giving him a grandchild now, he’ll probably be in jail for beating the baby daddy. Should I be going through this alone? This is nothing because there’s only going to be one line. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. How long am I supposed to wait for my pee pee to work? 

(Grabs the box and mumbles the instructions.)  

Five minutes. Wow. They might as well just tell me to go for a jog and then come back to see if my oven is cooking. Oh my god. It cannot be Jamie’s baby. Jamie has straight light caramel hair. A typical white fuckboy. He just brought me into his room and got straight into it. There was no foreplay. He really didn’t seem to care about me. Lucas is not that bad. He got the tan Puerto Rican skin and white pearls. But his attitude is a no-no. He’s so disrespectful to his mom like how did he not get his ass beat already? Mir, Mir, Mir. We’d have beautiful blasian babies. They would be light skin with curly hair and smooth skin. And he treats me like a princess. He was so gentle and lovely. It was amazing like… hold on. I am not having this  baby. It’s not possible because when I flip this pee pee stick, there will be only one line. There will only be one very blue, very solid, very not pregnant answer. And then I won’t have to ever talk to Mir, Lucas, or Jamie again. But if I’m not pregnant then am I really dying? Because I don’t think it’s normal to not get my period for 6 weeks. “Hello? Oh, hey Lucas, haha, uhhhhh. So listen, did you pull out the last time we, you know, did the dirty dirty? Oh, you didn’t finish? OHHHH right. I did do that….. Ok. Well I’ll call you later, ok bye.” Ok, it definitely wasn't Lucas because, you know what? We’re not even gonna talk about it. Ok, let’s do it.   

(Picks up the test and turns it over.)

Ok. OK. OOOOOOOKKKKKKK. What the fuck is this? They said the line is going to be blue, why the fuck is it pink? Is my pee pee bad? Is this two lines? It can’t be.  Maybe I need a new set of eyes. 

(Takes out her phone and takes a picture of it.)

Addison is smart. She’ll know. Yo Addison, how many lines do you see? She better hurry up. Two, she said two. What do I do? I don’t even know if it’s Jamie’s or Mir’s. It just better be Mir. No bullshit. Oh my god. I’m fucked. 

(Starts crying.)

Or maybe not. Being a teenage mum would be hard but this is my child. I chose to have sex and I knew the consequences. But my baby shouldn’t be a consequence. My baby should be a blessing. Maybe, just maybe, my baby will be worth having in this moment of my life. I’ll sleep on it.

(Exits the bathroom.)

Comments (2)

Cianni Mack (Student 2020)
Cianni Mack

I learned that this character is trying to take responsibility for the things she has done and that she knows what she did might not have been the right thing s but she doesn't want to disappoint her parents.

Charles Langley (Student 2020)
Charles Langley

I learned that this character was going through the early stages of childbirth as a teen. She was trying to figure out who was the day. She also was saying she knew the consequences when she was having sex( with three different people at different times.) At the end, she was thinking that her baby should be a blessing and not a curse, so overall I learned that your actions have consequences, those consequences can be good or bad.