Effective Airport Screening Measures and Diplomatic Relations

Reflection: As a transportation buff, I instantly decided to research the Transportation Security Agency for my NHD project. Since there have been many changes in the TSA's rules, as well as changes in the screening processes preformed by other countries, I found it interesting to discuss how the TSA operates and how changing their measures have related to debates and diplomatic relations. I found some difficulty in being able to access primary resources of the TSA screenings, considering it is illegal to take photographs or record video/audio in the screening area. However, there are still photos of the screening areas that were photographed outside of the screening area. Since my project had many photos, yet required much space for written explanations, a website was an appropriate and excellent choice to combine the two into one succinct and concurrent project. Surprisingly, I was extremely successful in finding accounts of the screening area, as well as finding information about Israel's transparent interview-based screening process. From this project, I obtained a solid and deep understanding about the various methods of airport screening protocols and how changes to these protocols have affected international relations. In the future, I would've liked to make my website more interactive (not permitted by the NHD rules), interviewed TSA agents, and recorded video / taken photographs of the TSA's screening processes and procedures.