Election Country: Slovakia

To go to the youtube video that we received from the country, click here.

As for the process of going through all of this and doing the assignment, it was a rough one. At first, it took so long to actually get started. We tried to find different numbers, different people we could talk to, and even schools but we saw that it was landing us nowhere. We were not sure what to do. We went to Ms. Laufenberg and told her the situation, and she gave us an idea to get into contact with a british international school. We decided to give it a shot. We went to the website and found some emails, then we emailed each one stating what we needed and hopefully they could give us a response.

Finally, we received a response, but not only one, but two or three. Some people immediately offered to help us with the project. Even the people who could not do it gave us emails to other people and students that would be willing to help. With the extra push of Ms. Laufenberg, we were able to get the whole process running.

   There was one specific person we were in contact with whose name was Ms. Legg. She is a history teacher in the British International school, and she was the first to really give us anything. We stayed in contact with her, and though sometimes it took a long time for her to respond, she gave us what we needed, which was an interview of people on the voting process in Slovakia. Another person that really helped us alot was the principal of the school. He sent out to many people my message and through that, we got into contact with two different students. Both emailed us, but only one persisted, and his name was Juraj. He helped us out of the blue by sending a script of an interview, and that was a great addon to our project. To see that script that he sent us on the interviewing on their election process, click here.

In conclusion, we finally got into contact with people in Slovakia and were successful at receiving more information on the voting process in Slovakia by actual people there. It is very surprising and enlightening at the same time to think that we actually got into contact with someone on a completely other side of the globe. It just shows how technology is going far. To see some evidence of the process, look at the pictures below. We would like to thank Ms. Laufenberg for really giving us that push because without it we would not have gotten that far into the project.