Election Day

​For this election day, I was swarmed with baby sitting duties. Watching my younger brother and my twin nieces. But I didn't let it slow me down, instead I had them help me blow up all the balloons and handed them out with flyers along the way to the voting polls. Unfortunately, there was barely anyone out while we walked to the polls but we didn't let that get to us. So we shouted out to passing cars telling them to go vote and we actually got a couple honks and waves back at us. Once we got to the polls though it was back to business. I had the twins and my younger brother interview about six people asking random questions from the sheet. We luckily got to interview the Chief Elector, a voter, and some of the registration people. They even showed us how the voting boxes worked. After the interview were done, we thanked everyone who participated and went back home where we started shouting back at cars telling them to go vote. My younger brother and the twins did a great job interviewing and were a big help for me that day. I really appreciated it.