Election Day Interview

‚ÄčNovember 8, 2011. 
I went to Sullivan School and because of not liking the responses of the first four I ended up interviewing five. Their lack of enthusiasm and their short responses made me not want to display their interview here and so I chose to only display Sally's interview. 

Kimberly: Hello! I'm Kimberly Cayamcela and I attend Science Leadership Academy. In history class students were assigned to interview a voter. Are you willing to answer a couple questions? 
Sally: Sure! 

Kimberly: Your name please?
Sally: Sally.

Kimberly: What motivated you to come out and vote today? 
Sally: Wanting to see change.

Kimberly: I want to see change as well, hopefully we see change within the next four years. Do you know why we vote on Tuesday?
Sally: Why on Tuesday? No I don't, do you?  

Kimberly: I learned this in history class actually. Because of people having to put aside for their worshiping days and having a job to go to, Tuesday was chosen as the day to vote. This gives the voters enough time to visit the polls without interfering with their days of worship, job, and marketing days. 
Sally: Oh! Thanks for letting me know.

Kimberly: *giggles* you're welcome. Do you vote in every election?
Sally: Yes. I've pretty much voted every opportunity I've had since I was eighteen. 

Kimberly: That's good to hear; we should have more voters like you. Are you always sure of who you are going to vote for before entering the booth?
Sally: No. 

Kimberly: I wouldn't be either. What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election? 
Sally: For the mayor to focus more on crime fighting. I hear so many stories on people getting jumped. I think he's doing a great job, but I think the crime is out of control. 

Kimberly: I agree. Not only does the mayor need to look out for us a little more, but the people have to be a little more cautious and cooperative. Well, this finalizes the interview. Thank you for your time and have a nice evening!
Sally: Thank you, you too!
Screen Shot 2011-11-08 at 5.40.13 PM
Screen Shot 2011-11-08 at 5.40.13 PM