Element Block Print: Antimony (51)

Inquiry - Wr had to inquire about our elements in order to do this project. We had to think about what the element is, what it does, and why it is important and valuable. We also had to inquire when we did not know how to do something, and where left to figure it out. These where healthy challenges to take, and I am so happy that I attend a school where I am not just told things, but have to experience them, and learn from what I experience wether it is good or bad.

Research - In order to make these block prints, we had to do research on our element so that we could come up with our own design.

Collaboration - We had to collaborate with others on this project in order to print our designs. We had to work with others and share the space, ink and brayers that where used to print out the designs on our linoleum block.

Presentation - In order to make our prints look professional e had to mount them. This if a form of presentation, because you are making your work look official and presentable.
Reflection - Writing about the work we have done, and relating it to the five core values of SLA (i.e. what I am doing right now) is the best way to reflect o  what we have done. I find myself being able to see how every project we do related to the core values, and that is the exact reason of SLA having core values.