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Reflection (two sentences on each core value relating to such project):

How does this project reflect our intuitive knowledge in both art class and bio-chem?

This project can lead to us exploring new possibilities and questions in cooperative acts in other projects.

There was substantial research in this project especially listening to Ms. Hull to know how everything is done.
We all had to go online to research our element to have an equilibrium of everything we could use it in during art class. 

I found myself asking for help and working together with many other classmates.

If someone had a good idea for a different element than their own they would go and tell that person who had the element. 

Although not an assignment I saw a lot of kids in the hallway and at lunch using this project to practice their presenting skills.
This project gave us a good idea how presenting works because if you have a bad eject then you will have a bad presentation. 

Some of my classmates and I all sat down at lunch and thought on what we learned from this project due to the fact that if we don't understand what the point of everything was then we wouldn't be able to take anything from it. 

I incorporated this project in life lessons like to push yourself harder and surprisingly in reflective thought I came up with many that could help us in the tough journey that lies ahead. 

Photo on 6-7-13 at 8.54 AM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 8.54 AM