Element Print

Inquiry: This project made us think about different ways to carve our block of linoleum. We all had to choose what we wanted are drawing to be on our block of linoleum.  

Research: For this project we had to research the element that we were given and find information that could be turned into a drawing. Furthermore we had to find the atomic number and the symbol for our element. 

Collaboration: Throughout this project we all talked about what we thought would be cool for our drawing for our print. We also talked about the different ways to print our drawings on the final piece of paper.     

Presentation: For this project we had to print our drawings on a final piece of paper. We also had to take a picture of our final print and had to make sure that the photo had the proper lighting.   

Reflection: At the end of the project I thought about what I could have done differently for this project. Furthermore I looked at my final product and made sure that it was the product that I wanted.