Element Print and Matt - Reflection

This is the final print of my element, Silicon.
This is the final print of my element, Silicon.
In this blog post, I will be reflecting on the process I went through to create my print.
  1. The element I was given was Silicon, which is number 14 in the table of elements. Silicon can be shortened to SI. 
  2. Silicon was first found by Jacob Berzelius. He was heating up chips of Potassium to observe what resulted, and Silicon accidentally formed. It is primarily used to create computer chips and tools used in machines. It can be utilized in the process of deoxidizing and is used to manufacture soaps.
  3. My idea for this print came from the discovery of Silicon. Since chips of Potassium were heated up to form the element, my mind immediately went to potato chips. The bag has flames on it, which shows it is the hot flavor. This shows that Silicon was discovered by heating up chips of Potassium.
  4. The process aI went through was a simple one. I first sketched out my three rough ideas, and chose what I thought would be the best to use. Once I did, I drew the sketch again, and I traced it onto tracing paper. This tracing paper was used to carve our design into foam. Using paint and a brayer, we rubbed paint onto a tray and then into a foam board. This foam board was then pressed face down onto paper so that the print would be finalized on paper. On our last day, we cut out our two best prints, placed one on a mat with a one-inch border, and another had no mat. This process was now finished and our prints were done.
  5. If I could redo this project, I would have carved the "SI" into the foam better. It was supposed to go in the logo, but it never showed because the carve was too shallow. I would try and carve it better so that it would show up, because it was an essential for our final print.
  6. I really enjoyed the process of brainstorming. I enjoy doing research usually, so it was nice to research a topic I did not know much about. We usually learn about all of the elements together, not separately, so it was interesting to learn about one in specific. I never knew how many uses one element could have until doing this research for the brainstorming.