Element Print Project 2011

My element is Nickel. Nickel is used for alloys, steel and jewelry. The reason why I
choose to have  my print the way it is , is because  Nickel comes from the word
Kupfernickel. Which means " Old Nick's Cooper" and Old Nick is devil. So I thought it
would be neat to have devil horns inside of the world since he lives in hell. I added
smoke because it's supposed to represent how hot hell is. And I just had Old Nick on the
top and Ni and it's atomic number underneath it. It didn't start from this one idea, I had
many more but I decided that this one was the best out of them all. I think this was a
really project. I was fun and easy. I learned about negative and positive space. Even
though in the beginning it was really hard but by the end it was really easy. I would try
to be more in deft about my drawing. I would want to change some things like instead of
having the earth just a semicircle it'll actually look like an earth. I would also change just
having devil horns and put he's whole head. Other then that I think it was pretty good.

Print Final
Print Final