Element Print Project 2011

My element was on Calcium

Calcium is located in your bones, but is mostly used in milk, and medicine.

I came up with the idea by first thinking about bones since calcium is well known to everyone, 
I first thought of doing a skull, but at the time I was in my Nightmare before Christmas phase. That's when I thought of doing Jack Skellington. 
He was made of bones, so I used him to represent my element.   
I first had to make three choices of symbols I wanted to use to describe my element. Then I had to choose a one 
out of my three choices to make on a 6 by 6 piece of paper.
Than I had to draw my final choice down on that 6 by 6, when I got that done,
I then had to trace what I drew on the paper onto my trace paper backwards so when I printed it, it'd come out forward. 
After I did that, I had to press my traced paper over the linoleum block to get the image backwards. I then used a
handle to scrape out my negative so that my positive would be in color. After that, I used print ink and 
a roller. I poured some ink on a table, and used the roller to smooth it out so it wouldn't be sticky, or
have a sticky sound. I then rolled the ink onto my linoleum block and used a tan piece of construction paper
and placed it on the ink painted linoleum block. I used a wooden spoon and rubbed to back of the paper
to make sure all the ink was printed onto the paper so it would come up clearly. Than I slowly pilled it off, 
and set it out to dry. Then I just washed off the ink, and used a different color to create a new one 
with a different color. 

I thought that the project was pretty fun and productive. I would like to do it again if I had a chance. 

I would chose a different subject to use as a example if I could do it over again. 
CA Briana's 2
CA Briana's 2