Element Print Project 2011

- What is your element? - Tellurium
- What are some things your element are used for? - It's used for many things. Tellurium is the chemical that makes sensitive toothpaste, sensitive. It also is used in color tv's, and firework colors.
- How did you come up with the idea for your print? I looked up what it is used in and sensitive toothpaste came up. So I drew a toothpaste tube with the words sensitive.
 -What steps did you take from your idea for the print to the final print?- I sketched three different ideas and redrew each one with detail. I decided on choosing the one I did because it was the most creative and not done before.. 
- What are your thoughts on the project? - I liked this project because it was creative. It was fun to cut the linoleum then paint it on with rollers since it was different from what we normally do.
- What would you do differently if you did this project again?- I would probably make the drawing more detailed.