Element Project

Inquiry - 
I did not no anything about my element, so I had to ask a lot of information about my element. I needed to know things such as what it looks like, and different properties. I liked it a lot because I didn't know anything about my element at all.
Research - 
I went on to the internet and had to research things about my element. I looked for what it looked like and I also had to find out what they used my element. I used that information to create a picture that had to do with my element.
Collaboration - 
My friends that were sitting with me helped me a lot. I was really stuck on what to do for my print because I found my element very difficult. My friend sat down with me and she helped me a lot. We came put with a couple ideas together, and I figured out what I wanted to do.
Presentation - 
To present our prints we are going to put them around the school, we are also going to make a periodic table with all of the elements pictures that everybody made.
Reflection -
I really enjoyed this because I actually didn't even know about this element. I had a lot of fun doing this. It was really cool, and I found out a lot about my element. I also learned a lot about printing when I didn't know anything about it before.