Element Project- Zoe Schwingel-Sauer

inquiry: For inquiry I had to ask questions along the lines of what is neon found in? How can I portray neon in a unique way? What are some facts about neon that could be important to my design?

research: For research I basically found out what type of element neon was and the different objects it was used it. For my print it shows cryogenic refrigeration; which neon is used in.

collaboration: Collaborating for this project involved asking fellow peers their opinions on my design and getting advice on how to carve the linoleum. I collaborated with peers on matting my prints; the best way to get it perfectly even and centered.

presentation: Presenting my final project involved posting a picture and reflection on SLATE. It makes my design available to anyone who wishes to see it and shows what I have created during my final quarter of art.

reflection: I have reflected quite a bit on this project because during the project I had to focus on negative space a lot and at times messed up so I had to redo certain parts until I got it right. Negative space really enhances this print and makes it stand out. My piece was more focused on the negative space rather than the intricate detail because I felt that it gave the piece a more interesting look.  
photo 1
photo 1