Elemental Print: Iron

Inquiry: When pursuing this assignment, I asked a question. How can I portray the element Iron in the most creative way possible while maintain it's value? The next steps I took extended from here then on.

Research: Having no prior knowledge to what gives Iron it's flare, I began research on the element. I figured out the origin of the element, it's components and uses. I found out that iron is within the core of the earth. The electromagnetic is (fe). I used this in combination to project the earthly elements and electric elements of iron.

Collaboration: I collaborated with my peers after sketching three different designs for Iron. They each gave their feedback and helped me decide which would be the best to officially create.

Presentation: The sketches I created were than carved in linoleum, matted, and printed. I presented the matted and printed versions to my class/teacher. These were then hanged in order for the rest of the student body to see as well.

Reflection: If I were to do this project again, I would carve neater and wider lines in the linoleum in order to give the print a fresh and matted look. Overall, this project was a lot of fun, considering I had prior experience with cutting linoleum. I learned about a new element and it's value in the world, while also using it in an artistic manner in order create something new.