Eli's Slide Remix

I learned many things from the critique of my slide. I found that contrasting colors that are not adjacent does not look good. If you chose to have colors opposite one another, the must be directly contrasting or it will turn out poorly. I also learned that imperfect symmetry is not symmetry at all. I found that it is difficult to make different-sized images be symmetrical.

I made many changes to my slide. I changed my previously lime green text on a sea blue background to a peach red, matching my title. I reduced the length of my title to make it more concise and to-the-point. I centered my title and moved the images to either side to create as much symmetry as possible.

I learned how to organize and color from my resources. I got good advice from my classmates and put their comments into the reconstruction of my slide. I still drew most of my knowledge from sites like presentationzen.com, https://zachholman.com, and https://blog.prototypr.io. They were incredibly helpful when I was reformatting.
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