Eliana-Eliyas Alfaro-Allah Emulate Your Author Benchmark Q1

Comments (5)

Stephen Semine (Student 2021)
Stephen Semine

I liked the design of your handbook, BUT ON THE FIRST PAGE THE PICTURE IS NOT PLACED CLEARLY, but still it's very good. Your emulation scene clearly emulates the elements you've put there. I like it a lot, but this picture on the front page………. it hurts…………. but it's good!!!!

Nuala Cowen (Student 2021)
Nuala Cowen

I liked the design of your handbook. The color scheme was really nice. From what I read about the author of your book, you seemed to mock his style of writing well. The way you described the things in your scene was really interesting.

Tristan Dini (Student 2021)
Tristan Dini

The design of the thing was pretty nice, everything fits in there nicely. Your scene was also very interesting. I'm not super acquainted with your author so I'm not sure how well you emulated him but like I said the scene was interesting.