Elisa Hyder Capstone: The Good Friends Web Show Researcher

The Good Friends is a collaborative web show created by Markia Johnson, Shelby Harcher, Anna Roman, and myself. This web show acted as our capstone, including discussions, interviews, skits, extra videos, and segments. Each of us had a different job to do for the show, and my job was to act as researcher. Shelby acted as scriptwriter, Anna as camerawoman and editor, and Markia had health segments. We were all also to be hosts on the show. Once we all knew what responsibilities we were each to have and had a general description for our show, we released two promotional videos to get awareness. From there, we began brainstorming ideas for episodes. My first task was to reach out to the students of SLA and ask what they would like to see in our web show so that we can incorporate these ideas into our brainstorming. We definitely wanted our audience to be involved in our process, and, as researcher, I was the link between us four and the audience. I went out to collect interviews from students both on and off camera, did research on upcoming and passed events in the school, and created surveys and questionnaires. I worked on twitter and by going around the school to raise awareness of our show and get more and more students involved in interviews and surveys. This information I collected served to either influence what we chose to do in our episodes, such as with music videos, or were relevant to topics discussed in our episodes. Once I had what I needed, I delivered the results to both Shelby and Anna to incorporate in the scripts and videos. With all that done, it would then be time to take on my dual role as co-host on the web show along with my three partners. As frequently as our schedule allowed, we four would come together to create the actual The Good Friends episodes. Many of our episodes also included skits, music videos, and segments, which we would get together to create as well. These extras would be connected or incorporated into our videos in some way, and they were very popular with our audience. So, with the four of us working together on different aspects of our capstone, we were able to create this web show over the course of our senior year.

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*Episode 6 Pending*