Ella Burrows Capstone

​This year I have dedicated my time learning what social justice meant for myself and others. My capstone consisted of three major components that tied into my movement called “My Justice Story”, a platform to amplify and share the voices of young people and learn about their social justice. The first component was the EduCon session I did with Tamir Harper, Sam Dennis and our mentor Chris Long in January. Our session was about conversations on the topic of social justice in schools and beyond. Then we organized a walk-out on March 14th to take part in the National Walkout Day. There were elected officials, students and various activities during the walkout to stand in solidarity with the Parkland students and others affected by gun violence. Then lastly, I led an in-school awareness day to spread awareness and engage students in speaking out about gun reform. In addition to having letters to leaders and voter registration during our events and throughout the year, I created a video series called “17 Seconds” where students could share their thoughts on gun reform,what social justice meant to them and how they are active in their communities. Alongside all of this there is a website and social media handles @myjusticestory. This was more than just a senior project to me because I started to understand a lot about social justice and what that means for myself and others. I learned that the best way to learn about something is to listen to others stories. 

Here is the link to the My Justice Story website with photos, videos and other resources to my project: https://myjusticestory.weebly.com/

Twitter & Instagram: @myjusticestory