Elton John's Humanity

   Elton John is an openly gay singer who is legendary in the music industry. He has sold hundreds of millions of albums, and has recently released an album. He has influenced music greatly, and has albums on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest albums list. But there was definitely more that he has done to help people. He entertained people, but he did, and still does, much more then that. He is a music legend, but we cannot forgot that he is an LGBT and Humanitarian legend as well.

     Elton John used to be with a woman. His first lover was a woman, but he ended up coming out as bisexual in the 1970s. That was such a strong move for that time period because homosexuality was not really accepted back during that time, and same sex marriage was definitelnot legalized. In fact, a gay governor named Milk was killed due to being gay. This was not normal for artists to do at all. So, he did that. Later, he even took it a step further. In the 1980s, after divorcing his wife, he came out as being openlyb gay. He said he liked being gay, and that’s how he wanted to live. That was so brave for the time. Homosexuality was not viewed positively, and others were blaming gays for AIDS. It was not the most loving time for LGBT rights, yet Elton John still came out and lived openly gay.

       Elton John also supported the rights of gays and lesbians throughout his career, and not just by being gay, but the actions he took as well. After being with his husband David for 12 years, Elton John had a civil union with him, and was the first to do it in his country, which is the UK. It was a historical moment. Elton John always stayed true to the gay community. When he did not support marriages, he supported civil unions. Then, he eventually said he was for gay marriage, and then actually got married. He has called for the boycott of 2 gay men’s fashion line after they said that gays should not be adopting kids. He is really down for the cause. He also wants to talk to Vladimir Putin about his anti-lgbt laws.

         In the 80s, AIDS was a huge deal and very rampant. Elton John slept around a lot at that time, and he felt lucky to not have gotten AIDS. So what he did was create an organization to stop AIDS. He has raised millions upon millions trying to cure this disease. Elton John is clearly a champion for LGBT and human rights.

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Elton John Tiimeline

March 25, 1947- Elton John was born

Late 60s to 2016- Makes multiple successful albums and songs, becomes legendary, and get’s millions of album sales

1976- Elton John comes out as bisexual to Rolling Stone. He faced some horrific treatement due to this

1988- Elton John has announced that he is openly gay to rolling stone. He said that he was “more comfortable” living as a homosexual.

1990- Elton John goes to rehab to end his drug use. He has since helped many other artists get sober, such as Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Ed Sheeran.

1992- Elton John starts an orginization to help out AIDS victims

1993- Elton John had met David Furnish, and they became a couple

         Elton John hosted an event at the academy awards, and raised more then $200 million for        his charity

1994- Elton John is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

1995- Wins 3 academy awards for his lion king songs


2005- Elton John and David Furnish were one of the very first UK couples to have a civil union

2008- Elton John speaks in favor of gay couples having Civil Unions

2012- Elton John has become pro same-sex marriage.

2013- Elton John called for the boycott of 2 gay fashion designers who said that gays should not be adopting children

2014- Elton and David get married

2015- Elton John plans to go to Russia in order to discuss the anti-gay laws there

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