Embryo's Gift To Mankind

This You And The World Project is to inform our peers into many world issues they may not know of that interest us. ​My project is going to be about how stem cells can be used to get rid of a great number of diseases and may be a breakthrough into cloning technology. Stem cells affect everyone because for now it can cure a few diseases and it is believed that it can cure many more. In order to get stem cells they have to take embryonic cells and other adult stem cells found in many different tissues. I have learned that stem cell research can already cure certain types os cancer like leukemia, Alzheimer and a few other diseases and it is still being researched for more benefits.Also i know that Stem cell research is frowned upon for the simple reason that is is like playing god because you can give many people a second chance by curing certain diseases and defects. Other than that there is no cons about stem cell research.