Emulate Your Author: Anthony Doerr

G10  Louisa's Emulation Handbook

Comments (5)

Orlando Irizarry (Student 2020)
Orlando Irizarry

Loved that you mention the author quite often, also the way your annotations were so organized and very well thought. Something that I learned how sentence structure is a big thing for novels like yours because it makes the book a lot interesting and for younger kids alil challenging.

Bahtyah Ward (Student 2020)
Bahtyah Ward

I really liked your analysis of the book and of the elements. I think the little graphics made the book look really pretty. Your summary of the book was clear, I might even read it.

Serenity Baruzzini (Student 2020)
Serenity Baruzzini

I learned that you don't have to provide all information in a story in order to make it cohesive. Your emulation was short and broken up, but I could still follow what was happening. Well done.

Mia Concepcion (Student 2020)
Mia Concepcion

I learned that it is important to have a sentence length that goes with your character's feelings and thoughts, because it makes you sympathize with them more, and feel what they're feeling. I liked that you kept a consistent flow within your color scheme, and also the elements were very nicely organized, without clutter.