Emulation Handbook: Mockingjay-Suzanne Collins

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Rebecca Snyder (Student 2019)
Rebecca Snyder

I remember back to the first day of kindergarten. I was the first to enter the classroom. Spanish was all over the room. Posters and any other writing was in Spanish. The teacher began to speak to me. I had no idea what she was saying to me, since it was in a language I did not yet understand. She started pointing to a chair. I didn’t know what she meant by this so I just sat closest to where she pointed. I was nervous and anxious to learn what she was actually trying to say to me. A few minutes after that other students walked into the classroom. Kids named Mateo, Helena, and Eliza sat at my table. The teacher began to ask the class something. This something was made of terms none of us understood. A girl at the table next to us stood up. She responded in more terms that we did not understand. I think back to this day realizing how clueless I was. I now recognize all these terms that were once foreign to me. I can now respond to the teacher with the same words she speaks to me.